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Football Today is edited and run by a diverse and experienced team of football writers:

Michael Black

Senior editor at Football Today and a long-suffering Blackburn Rovers fan. Hates divers, racists and homophobes. Can start an argument in an empty room. Musically, he’s a big indie fan.

Sri Aswin

Senior football correspondent for Sports Habit since 2018. Arsenal supporter since 2004.

Onyekachi Uwanabi

Staff writer for multiple publications affiliated with Sports Habit. Chelsea fanatic. Hates Manchester United and Arsenal. Believes Eden Hazard is better than Mohamed Salah and will die on that hill.

Daniel Ochei

Staff writer at Football Today. AC Milan and Chelsea fan. Football puritan.

Marko Vrakela

Experienced news writer for a variety of football news publications published under the Sports Habit banner.

Charlie Stewart

Features writer and editor for Football Today. A Queens Park Rangers supporter from London.

Neel Shelat

Freelance journalist covering the sport across Europe from an analytical viewpoint. Has a keen eye for tactics and statistics, which are the centrepieces of his analyses. There is nothing in this world that he enjoys more than a well-used false-nine.

Mohsin Ali

Staff writer and a massive cricket and football fan. Partial to Manchester United. Hails from Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan.

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