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A Guide to Matched Betting

Matched betting is an innovative technique designed to take advantage of free bet promotions offered by online bookmakers.

It involves placing the free bet with the bookmaker and laying a counter-balancing bet with a betting exchange to turn the free bet offer into profit.

The method works because each bet cancels the other out – one wins and one loses – leaving you with the sum of money equivalent to the free bet offered by the bookmaker.

When you place a bet with a bookmaker you are wagering on an outcome in an event and receive a return if the selection is successful.

By contrast, if you lay a bet with a betting exchange you act as the bookmaker by essentially wagering against the outcome of the same selection.

If the outcome in question does not happen, you are paid out with the money laid by the person who has placed the bet.

How Matched Betting Works

To start matched betting you must register for a sportsbook account, make an initial deposit that meets the criteria to receive a free bet and place a qualifying wager.

Let’s say that a bookmaker has a free bet offer that requires the punter to wager £50 to receive a £50 free bet.

Make a selection at odds of 2/1 or higher and stake your £50, before laying it on a betting exchange at the same price.

This will ensure that you neither win nor lose on the bet regardless of the outcome.

You will then receive your free bet offer which you can use to place another wager. Stake the £50 free bet at odds of 2/1 with the bookmaker and lay £50 on the betting exchange at the same price.

If your selection wins you have winnings of £100 from the bookmaker, but lose £50 on the exchange, giving you a £50 profit.

If the selection loses you win £25 from the betting exchange and lose the free bet with the bookmaker which cost nothing.

Matched Betting Technicalities

It is worth noting that betting exchanges generally charge a small commission on winnings, which can eat into your profit.

There is often a small difference between the odds given by an online bookmaker and those listed on a betting exchange to lay a selection.

Many free bet offers have terms and conditions that need to be understood before any matched bet is placed.

Despite these technicalities, it is still possible to use matched betting to come away with a healthy short-term profit.

Finding Matched Betting Opportunities

The internet is awash with bookmakers who attempt to attract new customers by advertising free bet offers. These are ideal for matched betting.

You can get involved with matched betting with as little as £50 and build up your bankroll as you complete each of the welcome offers.

Initial monthly profits of £500 are achievable, although this may slow down as you wade your way through the different free bet offers.

However, with many bookmakers also offering free bets to existing customers, it is feasible to use matched betting to keep your bankroll ticking over consistently.

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