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Lille vs Lens: H2H, Watch Live, Derby du Nord History & More

The Lille vs Lens Derby du Nord rivalry dates back to 1937 and is underpinned by economic and social differences.

Lille represents middle-class culture, while Lens is undoubtedly working-class, which provides the perfect backdrop for discontent between the two clubs.

We take a closer look at Lille vs Lens including the H2H (stats correct – March 22, 2023), how to watch Ligue 1 live, the history of the Derby du Nord and more.

Lille vs Lens H2H

The two sides have met on 114 previous occasions in competitive matches, with Lille leading the H2H 45-36 and 33 draws.

Lille also have the advantage in terms of silverware, with their tally of 10 major trophies putting the two won by Lens firmly in the shade.

Notable Lille vs Lens Results

  • Lille 3-2 Lens – Coupe de France – May 1948
  • Lens 4-2 Lille – Ligue 1 – April 2006
  • Lens 1-4 Lille – Ligue 1 – September 2010
  • Lens 1-1 Lille – Ligue 1 – December 2014
  • Lens 1-0 Lille – Ligue 1 – September 2021
  • Lens 2-2 Lille – Coupe de France – January 22 (Lens win 4-3 on penalties)

Lille vs Lens Live Streams

TNT Sports is the home of Ligue 1 in the United Kingdom and broadcasts selected matches live from every matchday across its channels.

There are several ways to get the service, including direct from TNT Sports or as part of subscription packages from Sky Sports.

If you are unfortunate enough to find a geo-blocked live stream, Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology is the best way to circumnavigate this issue.

One of the most reliable services is Express VPN, which can be downloaded to various devices including Android, iOS, Fire TV, PC, Mac and smart TVs.

Derby du Nord History

Many football rivalries worldwide have their roots in societal differences, and the Derby du Nord conforms to that ethos.

Lille is a modern city which is widely viewed as being middle-class, which immediately inflames passions in the more working-class population of Lens.

While the derby dates back to before the Second World War, a disputed winner for Lille in the final of the Coupe de France in 1948 was the trigger for a bitter rivalry which remains intact today.

Much like many other heated rivalries, the upsurge of hooliganism in the early 1980s added a more sinister layer to the spat between Lille and Lens.

Numerous derbies have subsequently been blighted by violence, making this one of the most difficult fixtures for police to handle in French football.

Lille’s greater success in terms of major silverware has been a source of frustration for Lens fans, allowing their rivals to claim regional superiority.

While players on both sides recognise the importance of the Derby du Nord, the on-field rivalry tends to be no more fierce than most other big games.

However, it is a different story off the pitch – a point highlighted by a disturbing meeting between the two sides in September 2021.

Lille vs Lens Controversies

There have been plenty of controversies involving followers of these two clubs, but none were as serious as the events in the first Derby du Nord of the 2021/22 season.

The Ligue 1 clash in Lens was marred by crowd trouble, with the kick-off for the second half delayed by 30 minutes as riot police struggled to keep a lid on things.

The trouble started when objects were thrown between rival hooligans and soon spilt over onto the pitch.

Seats were ripped out and thrown between rival gangs, while onlookers reported some thugs making Nazi salutes.

The national governing body ordered Lens to play two games behind closed doors, while Lille were also hit with sanctions in the aftermath.

An away supporter was subsequently prosecuted after being found guilty of ‘sexual exhibition’ in front of one of the home stands.

A cup game between the two sides in January 2022 required a heavy police presence, and there were several reports of skirmishes away from the stadium.

Police chiefs in northern France banned Lens fans from attending the reverse league fixture after receiving information about more trouble being organised.

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