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Lazio vs Roma: H2H, Rome Derby Rivalry, Watch Live & More

The Lazio versus Roma rivalry has its roots in a very simple factor – each club thinks it should be recognised as the true representative of Rome.

Significant political differences underpin the Rome derby, making it one of the most bitter head-to-heads in world football.

We take a closer look at Lavio vs Roma including the H2H (stats correct – June 15, 2024), how to watch Serie A live, the history of the Rome derby and more.

Lazio vs Roma H2H

The two teams have met 183 times in competitive matches, with Roma leading the all-time H2H record with 68 wins to Lazio’s 51 and 64 games ending as draws.

Roma have the upper hand in terms of winning major silverware, claiming 13 major trophies against the 10 won by Lazio.

Notable Lazio vs Roma Results

  • Lazio 1-0 Roma – Serie A – March 1994
  • Lazio 3-3 Roma – Serie A – November 1998
  • Roma 3-1 Lazio – Serie A – April 1999
  • Lazio 1-5 Roma – Serie A – March 2002
  • Lazio 3-1 Roma – Serie A – January 2005
  • Lazio 4-2 Roma – Serie A – April 2009
  • Lazio 1-0 Roma – Coppa Italia – May 2013
  • Roma 2-2 Lazio – Serie A – January 2015

Lazio vs Roma Live Streams

TNT Sports broadcasts selected Serie A matches throughout the season, with live streams available to subscribers via their website or app.

There are loads of other streaming platforms that cover live Serie A games including fuboTV, but you will need to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to gain access.

One of the best services is Express VPN, which can be downloaded to various devices including Android, iOS, Fire TV, PC, Mac and smart TVs.

Rome Derby History

Lazio was founded in 1900 and laid down roots in the upper-class quarter of the city, while Roma settled in the working-class region when they were founded 27 years later.

The two sets of supporters honour those origins at the Olympic Stadium, with Lazio occupying the northern end of the ground and Roma based in the southern end.

Roma was founded following a merger of three teams, which was driven by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s desire to challenge the dominance of the northern powerhouses.

Lazio passionately resisted the merger, laying the foundations for a bitter rivalry that is always fiercely fought both on and off the pitch.

Former Lazio striker Paolo Di Canio once claimed the two sets of fans care more about winning the derby than where they finish in Serie A.

Neo-fascist political ideologies and violence blight the Rome derby, making it extremely difficult for police to maintain control whenever the teams meet.

One of Lazio’s Ultra groups – the Irriducibili – are renowned for their links with the far right and make no secret of their disdain for Roma.

They have used swastikas and fascist symbols on their banners and demonstrated racist behaviour on numerous occasions during derby games.

Black Roma players have often been targeted, further heightening tensions between the two sets of supporters and between the two teams.

Lazio vs Roma Controversies

Much like numerous other football rivalries worldwide, the emergence of hooliganism in the 1970s fired the Rome derby onto a completely different level.

That point was hammered home in 1979 when a flare fired across the stadium by a Roma thug hit a Lazio fan in the eye and killed him.

The animosity ramped up another notch eight years later when Lazio followers formed a group whose actions flew in the face of public decency.

They repeatedly espoused Nazi ideologies and stated their primary aim was to go onto the terraces and kill Roma fans.

Their leader’s reign of terror came to a brutal end in 2019 when he was shot in the head and killed while sitting in a park in Rome.

The perpetrator has never been brought to justice, but the murder is believed to have been a professional hit linked to the drugs underworld.

Further instances of disorder have marred the Rome derby since the turn of the century, including in March 2004 when a match was abandoned after a riot broke out in the stadium.

A long battle ensued between rival hooligans and police, with streets around the stadium set on fire and a plethora of casualties reported.

There is often little love lost between the players on both sides of the divide – a point highlighted to perfection in December 2016.

Lazio’s Danilo Cataldi was sent off for grabbing Roma’s Kevin Strootman after the latter had thrown the contents of a water bottle in his opponent’s face.

Strootman was celebrating scoring the opening goal, but his actions did not find favour with Cataldi and sparked a mass brawl between the two teams.

Lazio midfielder Senad Lulic was also given a 20-day ban for racist comments made towards Roma’s Antonio Rudiger after the game.

Anti-Semitism continues to plague the Rome derby today, with Lazio hooligans repeatedly taunting their rivals with this sickening ideology.

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