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Kids Football Boots | A Guide to Buying the Best Kids Football Boots

Every budding superstar knows the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to kids football boots.

Finding the right pair of boots is no easy task, with most youngsters eager to follow in the footsteps of their favourite players.

However, what suits Erling Braut Haaland’s feet may not necessarily be the ideal choice of footwear for your child.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best kids football boots you can buy, what to consider before purchasing and more.

The Best Kids Football Boots

Adidas Predator

If you were around during the 1990s, you will remember just how much every kid wanted to buy a pair of Adidas Predator boots.

They remain highly sought after today, with the eye-catching Demonskin spines providing players with extra grip and control of the ball.

With players such as France star Paul Pogba amongst the players who wear Predators, it is easy to see just why they are so popular with kids.

Nike Mercurial

Let’s be honest here. When kids choose their football boots they want to copy the top players. On that basis, it is no surprise that Nike Mercurial boots are so popular.

The Mercurial Superfly worn by Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly the pick of the bunch, with the dynamic fit collar sock offering increased levels of support.

Featuring Duragon Wet Traction technology, the Superfly is a great boot for anyone who plays regularly in adverse weather conditions.

Adidas X

If the prospect of wearing the same boots as Ronaldo leaves your child feeling cold, the Adidas X range will probably be more to their liking.

The Speedflow variant is the cream of the crop, with Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah amongst the top players who wear the boots.

The soft material around the toes provides an enhanced level of comfort, while the web-like cage towards the middle significantly improves ball control.

The Best Budget Kids Football Boots

Puma Ultra

While there are some Puma Ultra boots that fall into the expensive category, there are also plenty of options that are extremely affordable.

Puma Ultra boots are endorsed by Antoinne Griezmann, while Kyle Walker and Harry Maguire are other top names who wear them.

The boots work particularly well on firm ground and artificial grass as they use a TPU SpeedUnit on the studs that are inspired by professional running spikes.

Buying Advice for Kids Football Boots

We’ve shown you some of the best kids boots on the market, but what other factors should you consider before splashing the cash?

To take the hassle out of the process, here are some of the key elements you must think about before buying kids football boots.

  • Budget
  • Pitch Surface
  • Material
  • Comfort Level
  • Playing Position

Check out our guide on how to choose football boots for everything you need to know including where to buy and how to look after your footwear.