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Football Gifts – Memorabilia, Tickets, Games, Kits & More for Football Fans

If you want to buy football gifts for friends or family, you are in the right place – we have all the information you need!

Whether you are looking for Christmas presents, something for a birthday or just a surprise treat, we have scoured the internet to provide you with some fantastic ideas.

Whatever football-themed item you are looking for, we think we’ve covered every base. Let’s blow the whistle and get this game started!

Football Memorabilia

Football memorabilia has become big business in recent years, with items linked to the world’s top stars often fetching huge amounts at auction.

Trophies, medals, match-worn items and signed photographs are among the items you could consider purchasing for the football fan in your life.

Make sure that you use reputable companies that can provide verifiable proof of authenticity to ensure anything you buy is legitimate.

Custom Keychains

If you are looking for more cost-conscious football gifts, the internet is awash with sites selling bespoke items that won’t break the bank.

For example, you could purchase custom keychains which you can have designed to incorporate the logo of a particular football or a picture of someone’s favourite player.

Today, keychains are more than just decorations to keep your keys intact. Customised key chains will effectively advertise anything you like – they are daily souvenirs, fashion accessories and great collectables.

There are many materials and shapes that support customisation, support free design and creative fashion – it is a chic gift idea for football family and friends.  

Custom Pins

Alternatively, using an enamel pins maker allows you to purchase a long-lasting football gift that fans will truly cherish.

The pins also support free customisation of different textures and styles. The most exquisite style is the football imitation enamel pin, which is made of moulded metal, gold-plated and filled with enamel of freely customisable colours.

The appearance is realistic and looks very delicate. These are ideal for gifting at the end of a successful season or to hand out to parents and team leaders to wear throughout the football season!

Football Books

One of the easiest football gifts to buy is a book, with the marketplace packed with biographies, autobiographies and other types of content.

You could also consider purchasing a magazine subscription, with titles such as the Football League Paper and FourFourTwo well worth checking out.

Another option could be a subscription to one of the numerous online websites that offer top-class football coverage such as The Athletic.

Football TV & Streaming Subscriptions

Watching live football has never been easier, with matches available throughout the year across a plethora of digital platforms.

With that in mind, buying an annual subscription to services such as Sky Sports or TNT Sports is a great way to put a smile on any football fan’s face.

If the games are geo-blocked in your jurisdiction, don’t forget to add a subscription to a reliable Virtual Private Network provider such as ExpressVPN so the giftee can unlock the content.

Football Tickets

Buying match tickets or a season ticket for a football fan is a great gift – but make sure you purchase them for the right team!

You could also consider buying tickets for special events such as the World Cup, European Championships, England matches or Champions League games.

Before you complete the purchase, find out whether the person you are buying for is available to attend on the date the event is being staged.

Football Games

Some people agonise over buying football gifts for boys, with most youngsters reasonably particular about what they like and don’t like when growing up.

However, football video games are an easy option for parents or family members looking to purchase suitable birthday or Christmas gifts.

EA Sports FC and Football Manager are among the most popular football gifts you can buy and are guaranteed to be gratefully received by the recipient.

Football Kits

Most football clubs change their kit every year, and many fans love to keep up with fashion by having the latest edition in their wardrobe.

Many clubs have three or four different kits to choose from, giving you plenty of options when buying gifts for friends or family.

Always make sure you buy football kits from official outlets, as football fans will not thank you if they discover the item you gave them is fake.

Football Boots

While football boots are an excellent gift idea, there are a few things you need to consider before splashing the cash on a new pair for someone.

Make sure you know what type of surface they regularly play on, and think about whether the material the boots are made from is suitable for the wearer.

Comfort is another primary consideration, meaning it generally makes sense to purchase the same brand the recipient has previously worn.

Football Stadium Tours

Many clubs run stadium tours, which offer fans a behind-the-scenes look at areas they would usually be unable to access on matchdays.

Some bigger clubs also have museums, providing visitors with an insight into past achievements, notable historical moments and more.

Club legends often host the tours, adding another layer of interaction and enjoyment to the overall stadium visit.

Football Gift Hampers

Popular eCommerce sites such as Etsy are superb places to source football gift hampers, which can be tailored to suit the team of your choice.

The hampers often contain club mugs, framed posters, hoodies, T-shirts and other related football items.

You could use the hampers as a base to add more items by incorporating some of the other suggestions we have included in this guide.

And if you have the budget, consider going for a more premium hamper like Fortnum & Mason to really spoil your loved ones!