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How to Choose Football Boots | A Guide to Buying the Best Football Boots

Choosing the right football boots can be a tricky business, particularly when it comes to trying to keep up with the latest industry trends.

With innovations in football boot technology evolving rapidly, there seems to be an endless stream of new designs hitting the market.

To take the hassle out of the process, we’ve worked hard on your behalf to produce this definitive guide to buying the best football boots.

How to Choose Football Boots

There are several factors to consider when buying football boots. The most important are as follows:


It’s an obvious starting point, but you must establish how much you are willing to spend before searching for football boots.

As with any significant purchase, getting value for money when buying boots is hugely important, regardless of your budget level.

Pitch Surface

Buying the wrong boots could increase your chances of suffering an injury, so pay careful attention to the type of pitches you generally play on.

Firm-ground boots, soft-ground boots, artificial ground boots and Astro football boots are the main categories you can choose from.


Football boots now come in different types of material, with modern synthetic and knitted uppers taking over from leather as the most popular option.

The technology used to develop these boots makes them lighter and more durable, providing players with enhanced levels of performance and endurance.

Comfort Level

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, so what suits one person in football boots may not necessarily suit someone else.

Make sure that boots provide a secure lockdown of the foot without being too restrictive to ensure you get the best comfort level.

Playing Position

The best manufacturers sell boots to suit different positions, with the design structured to enhance the specific skills required for that role.

Forward players are more likely to wear streamlined boots, while defenders may opt for something with a more rugged feel.

The Best Football Boots

You now know what you should consider before splashing the cash, but which are the best football boots on the market? Here is our top 10 to suit all budgets and playing styles.

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite

2. Adidas Predator Freak+ EQT

3. Adidas X Speedflow.1

4. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite

5. Adidas Copa Sense+

6. Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite KM

7. Puma Future Z 1.2

8. Mizuno Morelia Neo III

9. Nike Phantom GT2 Elite

10. Adidas Predator Pulse

Where to Buy Football Boots

The internet is awash with sites that sell football boots, with retailers such as JD Sports and Pro:Direct Soccer amongst the best in the business.

The FOOTY.COM website is an excellent resource for comparing the latest football boot prices and where to find the best deals.

Looking After Your Football Boots

Once you have purchased your football boots, you will want to make sure they can withstand the rigours of a full season. Here is the best way to look after them:

  • Remove the biggest pieces of mud and grass before using an old toothbrush to get rid of the smaller bits.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off the remaining dirt.
  • For synthetic boots, add a small amount of liquid washing detergent at this point.
  • If the laces are particularly dirty, hand wash them with a little washing detergent.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda inside the boots to eradicate sweaty smells.
  • Stuff the boots with newspaper to retain their shape and dry them naturally away from radiators.
  • When they are completely dry, treat leather boots with a leather restorer to extend their life.

You should be able to get a full season out of a pair of boots if you look after them properly.

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