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Euro 2024 Kits – all 24 teams

All Euro 2024 kits have been released ahead of the 2024 European Championships to be held in Germany this year from June 14 – July 14.

Here are all 24 teams’ kits for Euro 2024, in alphabetical order:

Albania Euro 2024 Kit

Albania are unlikely to get a new kit for Euro 2024 due to manufacturer Macron’s two-year-cycle for new product releases.

They launched their latest jersey in 2023, so it’s unlikely they will get a new one until March 2025.

Albania will wear their predominantly red with additional black polo stripes home kit for the Euros.

Albania’s away jersey is mostly white with black and red trim, while their 2023 kit also comes with a third jersey which is black with red logos.

Austria Euro 2024 Kit

Ralf Rangnick’s side will wear their new Puma kit at Euro 2024.

Austria’s home kit is red, with a darker colour for the special graphic design on the front of the shirt. Additional white details complete the logos and sleeve cuffs.

Puma created a similar design with a dark graphic for the away kit, but in white with additional black to finish. Austria’s specially designed Euro 2024 kit doesn’t come with a third jersey.

Belgium Euro 2024 Kit

The Red Devils’ Euro 2024 home and away jerseys are made by Adidas and were released in early March this year. 

Belgium’s home kit’s official colour is ‘Team Coll burgundy’, which is mostly maroon with additional black and gold for finishes.

The away jersey is a tribute to the famous cartoon character, Tintin. The new kit is set in a rare blue metallic silver colour with additional white applications.

Croatia Euro 2024 Kit

The Balkan side’s home and away jersey for the tournament is made by the renowned American-based apparel, Nike.

Their collaboration resulted in an interesting design with the home shirt still maintaining its iconic red-white combination. There’s a slight design change as the iconic checker pattern is larger than before.

Croatia’s away kit has the normal diagonal checker pattern set in combination with darker and lighter navy blue with additional red.

Czechia Euro 2024 Kit

Ivan Hasek’s squad will compete in this year’s Euros wearing special home and away kits designed by Puma.

The German apparel set the home kit in predominantly red with blue and white additions, while the subtle front pattern complements the jersey.

Czechia will have the same designs on the away kit but in clear white with a slight light blue trim as an addition.

Denmark Euro 2024 Kit

Competing in the tricky group C, Denmark will be playing with their new home and away Euro jersey made by local apparel, Hummel.

Denmark’s home kit is predominantly red with a unique pixelated pattern. There’s also a slight addition of white for logos, collar and sleeve cuffs.

The away kit is in white with additional red for details and also has the same pixelated pattern as the home one.

England Euro 2024 Kit

The Three Lions will be battling in the tournament wearing their new home and away kits designed by Nike.

England’s Euro 2024 home kit still maintains its classic white dominant colour with a slight combination of navy blue and red for details.

The away kit is a dark raisin colour with a sesame combination for the logos.

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France Euro 2024 Kit

France’s home and away kits for the upcoming Euros are made by Nike and retain the classic look associated with the nation.

The home jersey has a straightforward design with a bright blue colour combined with additional red and white for collar details.

Nike produced a unique pinstripe design of a red and blue combination in a white base shirt for the away kit.

Georgia Euro 2024 Kit

Georgia’s upcoming Euro experience will see them participate using kits from Italian firm Macron.

Similar to Albania, Georgia will likely use their 2023 kits in the tournament. The home jersey is predominantly white with an addition of a vertical cross-like red band.

Georgia’s away kit is a blackout version of the home one, and their third jersey is mostly red with subtle patterns and additional black details.

Germany Euro 2024 Kit

Germany’s Euro 2024 home and away kit made by adidas has a pretty simple approach but still looks stunning.

The home jersey maintains its classic white base with black details, plus the nation’s flag colour is implemented on the shirt.

Adidas created a new colour design combining pink and purple for the away kit.

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Hungary Euro 2024 Kit

Hungary will compete in the Euros using home and away jerseys from adidas.

The home kit is in a traditional red with a combination of green and white for additional details.

The away jersey is mainly white with the slight addition of red and green detailing.

Italy Euro 2024 Kit

Defending European champions Italy will be using their new home and away jerseys from Adidas.

Gli Azzurri’s home jersey still uses its traditional blue colour with a white combination and a special tricolour design on the shoulder.

The away jersey is mainly white with an additional blue and the nation’s flag colour for details.

Netherlands Euro 2024 Kit

The Netherlands are ready to embark on their exciting Euro journey wearing new kits designed by Nike.

They maintain their main orange colour as the base for their home kit, which is combined with a slight blue void and teal.

The away kit uses blue void as its base with the addition of turquoise, white and orange for details.   

Poland Euro 2024 Kit

Poland are ready to embark on the upcoming European adventure with new home and away kits made by Nike.

The home kits stay true to their classic white and red jersey without much additional pattern implemented.

Nike brings out a more modern design for the away kit that blends well with the predominantly red shirt.

Portugal Euro 2024 Kit

Portgual will use new kits from Nike at Euro 2024.

Selecao das Quinas’ home kit maintains its historic red colour with green, black and light beige for the swoosh detailing.

Portugal’s away shirt combines navy blue and light blue blended in an Azelujo-style graphic pattern.

Romania Euro 2024 Kit

Romania will also be one of the nations that won’t be wearing new kits for the upcoming tournament as they set to use their current jerseys by Joma.

The home kit released is mainly yellow with a slight blue and red combination for the sleeves and logos.

The away shirt is predominantly red with an additional blue and yellow combo, while the third kit is mainly blue. Those kits feature a tilt belt that shows the nation’s symbols.

Scotland Euro 2024 Kit

Scotland are keen on pulling off an upset in this year’s tournament in their new adidas kits.

The home kit has an interesting graphic pattern across the front and is mainly in dark blue with a slight combination of yellow and white.

The away jersey is a predominantly light-mint blue with an additional purple combination.

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Serbia Euro 2024 Kit

Serbia’s home and away jerseys for the upcoming Euros were made by Puma and received its official release in late March.

The home kit stays loyal to their classic red colour, which also receives additional blue for cuffs and white stripes.

The away jersey is white with a combination of blue and red for logos and sleeve cuffs.

Slovakia Euro 2024 Kit

Slovakia will wear Nike kits at Euro 2024.

The home shirt is mainly blue with an additional combination of white and red for logos.

The away kit is a white Nike Vapor Teamwear design with blue swoosh and logos.

Slovenia Euro 2024 Kit

Slovenia will battle in the upcoming tournament wearing new home and away kits from Nike and 11Teamsports’ collaboration.

The kit design is based on Nike Vapor 4 Teamwear with a slight touch from 11Teamsports. The home jersey is mainly white with a black combination for logos.

Slovenia’s away jersey is the same as their home one but it’s on blue with white and black addition for details.

Spain Euro 2024 Kit

Spain head into this year’s tournament with the home and away kits supplied by adidas.

The home jersey comes in a striking red colour with a slight combination of yellow for details on logos, sides and shoulder stripes.

Adidas opted for a pale yellow base with an additional red for details on the away kit.

Switzerland Euro 2024 Kit

Switzerland will be heading into the Euros with an exciting squad and jerseys supplied by Puma.

The Rossocrociati’s home jersey is mainly red with a maroon and white combination. It also features an interesting stripping pattern on the front.

The away kit is predominantly white with dark blue and icy blue additions.

Turkey Euro 2024 Kit

Turkey will wear new home and away kits made by Nike.

The home jersey is predominantly white with a red combination and features a classic design inspired by the nation’s 1928 shirt.

Their away kit is all red with a slight white addition for logos and swoosh.

Ukraine Euro 2024 Kit

Ukraine won’t be using new kits in the upcoming Euros following a contract dispute with Joma.

The home kit is mainly a bright yellow with a blue combination for details and an interesting front design.

The away shirt has a similar design but is predominantly blue, while their third jersey is mainly white.

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