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Bundesliga Top Scorers | All-Time Bundesliga Top Scorers

The Bundesliga top scorers list highlights the most goals scored by an individual player in the current Bundesliga campaign.

If you are looking for the all-time Bundesliga records and the historical Bundesliga top goalscorer records, we will be adding them to this page soon.

All-Time Bundesliga Top Scorers

1. Gerd Muller: 365 goals in 427 appearances
2.Robert Lewandowski: 272 goals in 348 appearances*
3. Klaus Fischer: 268 goals in 535 appearances
4. Jupp Heynckes: 220 goals in 369 appearances
5. Manfred Burgsmuller: 213 goals in 447 appearances
6. Claudio Pizzaro: 197 goals in 487 appearances*
7. Ulf Kirsten: 182 goals in 350 appearances
8. Stefan Kuntz: 179 goals in 449 appearances
9=. Dieter Muller: 177 goals in 303 appearances
9=. Klaus Allofs: 177 goals in 424 appearances

Bundesliga Top Scorers

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