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The Best Fantasy Football Team Names & League Names

It’s that time of the year that most Fantasy Football managers dread – coming up with a team name or a suitable moniker for the league.

Working out how to spend the remaining £86 million budget once you’ve picked Erling Braut Haaland is easier than dreaming up unique team or league names.

With that in mind, we’ve spent endless hours compiling this definitive guide to the best Fantasy Football team names and Fantasy Football League names.

The Most Popular Fantasy Football Team Names

Creative wordplay is the key to names in popular games such as Fantasy Premier League and there are plenty of classics you can use.

For example, if someone has created a better food-linked team name than Dynamo Chicken Kiev please feel free to point it out to us.

Team names based on players or managers past and present are always popular, particularly if you can shoehorn some clever alliteration into the mix.

Tottenham Hotspur fans will love No Kane No Gain, although they may switch to Kane is a Pain if he jumps ship to sign for Bayern Munich.

On the managerial front, we particularly love Gangster’s Allardyce given his alleged love of bungs, while Murder on Zidane’s Floor is another favourite.

If you are a music fan, creative names such as Blink-1 Eto’o and Dzeko and the Bunnymen will help your team stand out from the crowd.

Fantasy Football players who want to be a little more controversial may take advantage of the unfortunately named Stefan Kuntz, Uwe Fuchs or Danny Shittu as the base for a team name.

To help you even further, check out the following list of names you could consider for your Fantasy Football team this season.

  1. Krul and the Gang
  2. The Cesc Pistols
  3. Giroud Awakening
  4. Willian Dollar Baby
  5. Come Digne With Mee
  6. Ange Management
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels
  8. Fifty Shades Of Andy Gray
  9. Flying Without Ings
  10. Ederson Volleys
  11. Hanging By A Fred
  12. Sonny and Schar
  13. Show Me The Mane
  14. The Martial Mata LP
  15. Fake Tales of Emile Smith Rowe
  16. Groß Misconduct
  17. Who Ate All Depays?
  18. Moves Like Xhaka
  19. What Samatta With U
  20. Boys in Dahoud
  21. Just 1 Cornet 0
  22. If Tomori Never Comes
  23. Botman Begins
  24. Haaland Oates
  25. For Fuchs Sake
  26. Paqueta Crisps
  27. A Night In Lascelles
  28. The 40-Year-Old Virgil
  29. Brennan Jerry’s
  30. Not Mike Dean Forever
  31. Cheesy Garnachos
  32. Yes Ndidi
  33. Judy Haaland
  34. Cancelo Culture
  35. Ake Breaky Heart
  36. Saka Potatoes
  37. Haven’t Jota Clue
  38. Bowen Arrow
  39. Kroos Control
  40. Sancho Unchained
  41. Schmeichel Jackson
  42. Earth, Wind & Maguire
  43. Botman and Robin
  44. Mbappe Feet
  45. Bangers and Rashford
  46. McGinn and Tonic
  47. Raya Sunshine
  48. Rodri, You Plonker
  49. Matty Cash in the Attic
  50. Backstreet Moyes
  51. Elneny and the Jets
  52. Taking the Mkhitaryan
  53. Kindergarten Klopp
  54. You Kante Be Serious?
  55. Taking Le Tiss
  56. Allardyce Lost
  57. Rooney Tunes
  58. Megan Crapinoe
  59. Old Havertz Die Hard
  60. Come Digne With Me
  61. Citizen Kane
  62. Glory, Glory Salah-lujah
  63. Uptown Dunk
  64. Giroud Let The Dogs Out?
  65. One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest
  66. Always on Targett
  67. Balotelli-Tubbies
  68. Firmino’s Dentist
  69. Deeney in a Bottle
  70. Lady Yaya
  71. Absolutely Fabregas
  72. The Big Lewandowski
  73. Salt & Pepe
  74. Bellerin Than Out
  75. Crouch Potato

The Most Popular Fantasy Football League Names

Once you’ve out sorted your team name, it will be time to join some mini-leagues. If the job of creating one has fallen into your lap, fear not!

As with team names, your Fantasy Football League name needs to be something catchy, using clever wordplay and alliteration.

Team-based themes are a good place to start – for example, Manchester United fans could go with The Disunited League.

References to popular culture always work well, while inside jokes involving the league participants are also worth considering.

You may wish to keep it simple by using a descriptive name based on your place of work – for instance, we could run with The Football Today Super League.

If your league involves members of a sports club who enjoy going out for a drink together, Blood, Sweat and Beers is a great name to consider.

Here are more names you can use for your Fantasy Football League this season.

  1. League of Legends
  2. The Invincibles League
  3. The Justice League
  4. League of Ordinary Gentlemen
  5. The Fantasy Maestros League
  6. The Unusual Suspects League
  7. There Can Only Be One League
  8. Chasing Greatness League
  9. A League of Our Own
  10. Last Man Standing League
  11. League of Legends
  12. Fantasy Fanatics League
  13. The League of Doom
  14. League of Champions
  15. Ball Busters League
  16. Legends of FPL
  17. Fantasy Football Warriors League
  18. Dream Team Chronicles League
  19. FPL Elite Empire
  20. The Klopp-out League
  21. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Play Fantasy League
  22. If You’re Not FIRST, You’re LAST League
  23. The Show Me the Money League
  24. The Dirty Dozen League
  25. Fantasy Field of Dreams League
  26. Fantasy League of Below-Average Gentlemen
  27. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner League
  28. Low Expectations League
  29. The League Me Alone League
  30. League of Nations
  31. The Federation of Fools League
  32. The Saudi Poo League
  33. The Beer League
  34. Goal of Duty League
  35. Frozen Tundra League
  36. Not Nineteen Forever League
  37. League Me Out of This
  38. The Sack Race League
  39. The Mullin it Over League
  40. The Chumpions League
  41. In League with the Devil
  42. Bush League
  43. Loftus-Cheeky Nandos League
  44. Delph and Safety League
  45. Flatulence Pong League (FPL)
  46. The Lager League
  47. The No-Name League
  48. Leaguing Las Vegas
  49. In League With You
  50. A-League Called Malice