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Bayern Munich All-Time Top Scorers

The Bayern Munich all-time top scorers list features some of the finest players ever to grace football in mainland Europe.

Gerd Muller sits proudly at the top of the club’s goalscoring charts with a staggering 566 goals in 607 appearances in all competitions.

The German forward helped Bayern win numerous major trophies including four league titles and two European Cups.

Robert Lewandowski is second in the standings have racked up an impressive 344 goals in 355 appearances during his eight-year spell with the club.

Thomas Muller rounds off the top three with 235 goals in 666 appearances – most of which were played as an attacking midfielder or second striker.

His has helped the club win 11 Bundesliga titles, two Champions Leagues and a plethora of other trophies.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (217) is another notable name on the list in fourth place, while Rainer Ohlhauser (167) completes the top five.

All-Time Bayern Munich Top Scorers

1. Gerd Muller: 566 goals in 607 appearances.

2. Robert Lewandowski: 344 goals in 355 appearances.

3. Thomas Muller: 235 goals in 666 appearances.

4. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: 217 goals in 422 appearances.

5. Rainer Ohlhauser: 167 goals in 300 appearances.

6. Roland Wohlfarth: 150 goals in 332 appearances.

7. Dieter Hoeness: 145 goals in 302 appearances.

8. Arjen Robben: 144 goals in 309 appearances.

9. Giovane Elber: 139 goals in 266 appearances.

10. Claudio Pizarro: 125 goals in 327 appearances.

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