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Premier League won’t abolish VAR with at least five clubs against the Wolves proposal

The Premier League won’t scrap video assistant referee (VAR) ahead of next season as most clubs will oppose Wolverhampton Wanderers’ proposal, according to Telegraph Sport.

Clubs will vote at their annual general meeting on June 6 after Wolves proposed they abolish the system, citing numerous reasons. 

Several clubs, including Nottingham Forest, have also had issues with VAR. The Tricky Trees have a list of grievances with the system, even threatening legal action at one point. 

However, Wolves’ crusade to ditch the system appears to be a lonely one. 

The Midlands club needs 13 more teams to back their resolution for a vote at the Premier League’s AGM next month, and none have unequivocally supported the proposal.

Only one of the ten clubs Telegraph Sport anonymously spoke with expressed support for scrapping VAR. Some even indicated they’d strongly oppose it.

‘No chance at all of ditching VAR’ stated a senior figure at one club. There is a lot of frustration with VAR blunders, but most clubs seem to favour improvements rather than complete removal. 

The unanimously approved semi-automated offside system for next season solves one major concern over decision times for offside calls.

Referees’ chief Howard Webb has proposed explaining VAR decisions on the big screen, but the International Football Association Board has refused to change the Laws of the Game.

VAR has been used in the English top-flight since 2019 to improve decision-making, but it has consistently generated controversy.

At this juncture, it is crucial to remember that VAR isn’t the problem – it is the human element in its application. 

The technology provides a valuable tool for fairer decision-making, but inconsistencies and questionable interpretations by referees continue to plague the system.

The focus should shift towards better training and support for referees in effectively using VAR. There should be clearer protocols and stricter adherence to them.

These little changes will massively improve fan perception and the overall effectiveness of video assistant refereeing.

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