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Chelsea to face UEFA’s wrath if they qualify for Europe

Chelsea’s dream of returning to Europe next season could be haunted by financial concerns, according to the Times

The Blues have climbed to seventh in the Premier League following successive wins over West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur.

However, UEFA’s stricter financial regulations pose a bigger challenge than the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR).

UEFA’s new football earnings rule allows clubs a maximum loss of €40 million over two seasons. It is much tighter than the Premier League’s £105m over three. 

Chelsea’s £89.8m loss last season and lack of Champions League income this season raise red flags.

The club’s hefty spending on agents’ fees – £75.1m this season alone – and a net transfer spend of over £400m in the past two windows further complicates the situation. 

Some investments are exempt under UEFA’s rules, but Chelsea must make financial manoeuvres to survive.

Chelsea cannot use the amortisation loophole they have popularised as UEFA has closed it.

Over the past two seasons, Chelsea spread transfer fees over the entire contract length. Now, deals such as Enzo Fernandez’s £106m signing can only be spread over five years.

Chelsea have a troubled history with UEFA. The Blues agreed to a €10 million settlement for undisclosed payments under previous ownership in July. The Premier League is investigating those payments.

The club narrowly escaped action in 2022 due to COVID-19 allowances.

Despite these concerns, Chelsea chairman Todd Boehly remains optimistic. He claims the club will comply with UEFA and Premier League regulations. He highlighted their past compliance record.

However, Chelsea cannot afford to be lax. Juventus were excluded from the Europa League this year for financial breaches, reminding offenders of the consequences.

Chelsea must act swiftly to navigate UEFA’s stricter regulations and secure their place in Europe.

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