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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness accuses Arsenal of ‘cheating’ at set-pieces 

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has hit out at Arsenal for ‘cheating’ at set-pieces in his Daily Mail column

The 70-year-old singled out Ben White for his role in obstructing goalkeepers and claimed he should be punished by the officials. 

White has been in the news after his antics in the Gunners’ 3-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur last Sunday. 

The England international was seen attempting to undo goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario’s gloves during the build-up to their first and third goal. 

He also got in Vicario’s way at corners and has been seen doing the same with other goalkeepers this campaign. 

Arsenal have scored an incredible 22 of their 85 Premier League goals from set pieces this season, which is the highest in the division.

Set-piece coach Nicolas Jover has been praised for his huge impact, but Graeme Souness isn’t impressed and blasted Arsenal for their dark arts. 

Souness said: “I’ve heard a lot of talk about the ‘genius’ of Arsenal’s so-called set-piece ‘guru’ and the incredible work he’s played in the team’s push for the title.

“Well, forgive me for bursting the bubble here, but amid all the excitement about the goals Tottenham conceded from corners last week, something very significant was somehow missed. Two of those goals should not have counted.

“We are witnessing a stealthy, very deliberate, strategy from Arsenal – and Ben White in particular – to obstruct goalkeepers in a way which will avoid detection by the referees.”

“Might I suggest the referees consult their own little FA rule books for a definition of that term? Law 12 states, in black and white, that obstruction is ‘moving into the opponent’s path to obstruct, block, slow down or force a change of direction when the ball is not within playing distance of either player.

“‘Set-piece genius’? Call me old-fashioned, but what we’re seeing here is cheating. This blocking by players from set-pieces is more prevalent than ever before, which presents a challenge for referees.

“But Arsenal do this every game and it’s always by White, so the penny should have dropped long ago.”

Souness was also in the headlines after claiming that Liverpool star Mohamed Salah is the ‘most selfish player’ he has ever seen.  

This came after the Egypt international’s touchline spat with manager Jurgen Klopp during the 2-2 draw at West Ham United.

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