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Man United owner launches scathing review of ‘dirty’ Old Trafford facilities

New Manchester United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe has criticised the club’s standards, calling the untidiness unacceptable.

Ratcliffe visited the stadium and training facilities and was unimpressed. He sent a scathing email to all club staff which was obtained by The Athletic

He reportedly called the state of the IT department a ‘disgrace’ and slammed the cleanliness of the youth team dressing rooms as ‘frankly not much better’. 

This incident isn’t the first time hygiene has been a concern at United. 

The club’s food hygiene rating at Old Trafford plummeted to one out of five last December after guests were served raw chicken at a corporate event. 

Ratcliffe made it clear these standards wouldn’t fly at INEOS. He reiterated that INEOS is a chemical company and won’t tolerate untidiness.

He emphasised that elite sporting institutions need top-notch cleanliness, suggesting United’s current state reflects poorly on everyone at the club.

Ratcliffe wants to set a new tone and culture at Man United and will focus on performance, standards, discipline and outcomes.

The email reportedly divided the staff. Some found it harsh, while others saw it as a much-needed wake-up call to weed out underperforming colleagues.

This email blast is just the latest chapter in Ratcliffe’s mission to shake things up at United.

Earlier this week, Ratcliffe reportedly ended the work-from-home culture for non-football staff, insisting they return to the office. 

Ratcliffe seems intent on a complete overhaul, with a consultancy firm brought in to scrutinise operational costs. 

Staff perks are also getting a trim, with company credit cards being revoked and travel and food expenses tightened for the upcoming FA Cup final.

The staff could lose further work perks if the untidiness is not addressed. 

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