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Leicester City take legal action against the Premier League & EFL amid PSR sanctions and looming transfer embargo

Leicester City have filed two legal proceedings against the Premier League and the English Football League (EFL).

The Midlands club wants to have the proceedings heard by an independent legal panel.

This news comes after the Premier League released a statement declaring that the Foxes had been found guilty of breaching Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR).

Leicester say they will ensure any charges against them are handled fairly and by the appropriate authorities. The club want a public hearing but acknowledged that league rules require confidentiality.

The Championship promotion-chasers declared their intention to fight for the rights of all clubs to pursue their ambitions based on sporting merit.

The legal action comes amidst a separate dispute with the EFL, who have announced a registration embargo on the club.

The club contests the EFL’s right to impose this restriction, arguing that it is premature with a portion of the season remaining.

The full details of the legal proceedings and the nature of the charges against Leicester remain unclear. The Premier League and the EFL have yet to comment on the matter.

The PSR sanctions are beginning to cause a serious storm, with clubs involved ready to fight for their right to spend money without restrictions. 

Everton have been docked six points and could take another hit before the end of the season, while Nottingham Forest have been hit with a four-point deduction.

There are several arguments against the sanctions, with many people calling them arbitrary. Others have criticised the Premier League for failing to deal with Chelsea and Manchester City, who have major cases hanging over them but continue to operate without any punishment.

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