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Everton fans demand halt to PSR hearings after points deduction debacle

The Everton Fan Advisory Board (FAB) are calling for the Premier League to suspend all current hearings into breaches of Profit & Sustainability Rules (PSR), citing a lack of transparency and consistent sanctions.

The FAB’s concerns stem from the disparity between the punishments handed down to Nottingham Forest and Everton for similar breaches. 

Forest received a four-point deduction for exceeding allowable losses by £34.5 million, while Everton faced a harsher initial penalty of ten points, later reduced to six, for exceeding losses by £19.5m.

This inconsistency has fueled the FAB’s demand for a pause in ongoing PSR hearings. Additionally, they urge Parliament to grant the new independent regulator full oversight and enforcement powers regarding PSR.

In a Fan Impact Statement submitted to Everton and the Premier League, the FAB outlined the devastating consequences a further potential charge could have on fans, the local community, club staff, and the wider football ecosystem.

Chair of the FAB, Dave Kelly, said (via Liverpool Echo): “Whilst we’ve always been clear that our club has had a case to answer, we’re now in the bizarre situation where some clubs, but not all, have been brought before a commission still unclear about what the rules of the game are when it comes to sanctions, with the groups of commissioners themselves having no clear guidelines to work by. 

“We’ve now had three hearings, overseen by three different commissions, applying three different approaches and reaching three different conclusions.

“The Premier League has proven that it has failed to bring proper, fair and transparent oversight of our game. 

“That’s why we’ll be calling for football supporters everywhere to ensure that this legislation equips the regulator with full powers and oversight over profit and sustainability.”

Considering Everton are already grappling with a six-point hit, a further punishment will plunge the club into more chaos as they struggle to maintain top-flight status.

The Toffees are currently four points above the drop zone with a game in hand, but the outcome of their second hearing could shake up affairs at the bottom of the log.

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