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Antonio Conte

Worst manager & player outbursts after defeats

Jurgen Klopp’s fiery post-match head-loss following Liverpool’s 4-3 defeat to Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-final was as hilarious as it was disrespectful. 

However, it wasn’t entirely surprising. The German manager is a famously sore loser, capable of blaming earth, snow, wind and fire for losses.

His tendency to be snide with reporters after losing was on display again as he saw his side give up the lead twice, allowing United to seal a win in extra time. 

Klopp’s outburst got us thinking – which other managers and players have lost their cool spectacularly after a crushing defeat?

We delve into some of the most memorable meltdowns in football history, from fiery coaches to players who couldn’t contain their frustration.

Antonio Conte rips into his team

It has been one year since former Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte went on a spectacular rant about the club’s lack of trophies under Daniel Levy.

He called the players selfish following a 3-3 draw with Southampton as his team blew a two-goal advantage.

Conte is a serial winner, and when he cannot drive his side to that singular purpose, he cuts a defiant and unpleasant figure. 

Tottenham were still in the top four but had drifted away from the title race, much to the anger of the Italian manager, who blasted the team’s lack of killer instinct. 

Asked about a penalty decision that did not go his way, Conte retorted, “I think it’s much better to go into the problem because the problem is that for another time, we showed that we are not a team.

“We are 11 players that go into the pitch. I see selfish players. I see players that don’t want to help each other and don’t put their heart (into it).”

After the bizarre tirade, Tottenham parted ways with Conte. He has been out of work since after showing his inability to stomach a draw. 

Harry Redknapp – wheeler and dealer

Sticking with Spurs, one of the most infamous quips following a defeat came from Harry Redknapp during his time in charge of the Lilywhites. 

Reporters can be too cute with their questions following crushing losses, and Redknapp was not having it after Tottenham’s shocking defeat at the hands of Wigan Athletic.

“You made your name as a wheeler and dealer, and there’s not been much wheeling and dealing,” Sky’s Rob Palmer started.

Redknapp immediately removed the microphone and lept for the door before firing an expletive-laden rant back to the journalist.

Cristiano Ronaldo smashes a fan’s phone

Ronaldo’s desire to win has helped him clinch five Ballon d’Or titles, over 30 trophies and many more accolades.

However, that burning desire got the better of him after his Manchester United side suffered a 1-0 loss to Everton at Goodison Park. 

He was charged by the Football Association after slapping a mobile phone out of a 14-year-old fan’s hand as he walked off the pitch. 

Ronaldo later took to social media to apologise for his outburst and extended an invitation to the fan and family, which they rejected. 

It shows the intense pressure top players face to perform and the frustration that can erupt after a disappointing outcome.

That time Jose Mourinho preferred ‘not to speak’

Football’s ultimate showman, Jose Mourinho, has had his fair share of post-match meltdowns, but one of his most infamous rants takes the totem pole.

Chelsea suffered a shock 1-0 loss to Aston Villa in 2014, dealing the club’s title ambitions a major blow.

Referee Chris Foy had disallowed a Chelsea goal for a handball in the build-up before handing Willian a red card.

Foy then dismissed Ramires and Mourinho in the final minutes, and the Portuguese manager tried his best to control his intrusive thoughts in his post-match analysis. 

“I prefer not to comment because I don’t want to bring the game into disrepute, and I don’t want to be accused,” Mourinho seethed. 

“I prefer to do what we have to do in football. In football, we have just to let it go and not comment because if you comment, you are in trouble, and I don’t want to be.

“I prefer not to comment because if you want to speak about big decisions, you don’t just speak about the red cards. 

“If I speak, I’m in big trouble, and I don’t want to be in big trouble, and if I speak, I’m accused of bringing the game into disrepute.”

Mourinho sent a strong message of disapproval towards the officiating without risking a potential disciplinary charge while providing the world with one of the best memes. 

Jurgen Klopp goes off on Danish TV reporter

Klopp once snapped at a reporter and accused him of not doing his job properly, but that was mild compared to his most recent actions.

Following the loss to United, the former Borussia Dortmund boss remarked that the reporter was not in great shape before walking out on him.

The reporter had asked about Liverpool’s intensity in extra time, and the question hadn’t even landed before Klopp called it ‘dumb’. He seized the microphone as the loss pricked him.

Klopp crossed the line. This sparked a debate about why the media constantly praises him despite his frequent belittling of them, especially after losing games.

He is not a great sport, and his sly approach to journalists when he loses is not a good look.

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