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‘Incorrect information’: Why Everton received more points deduction than Nottingham Forest

Everton fans were left scratching their heads about the club’s initial ten-point deduction, which was later reduced, whereas Nottingham Forest were not punished.

However, Forest have now been hit with a four-point deduction after breaching the Premier League’s financial rules. They are now in the relegation zone but are expected to appeal in the coming days.

Everton breached the Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) limit by £19.5 million but were docked six points. By contrast, Forest breached the financial losses by £34.5m and only four points were deducted.

A written explanation states the Toffees provided ‘incorrect information’ although the Premier League deemed the breaches’ significant’ in both cases.

Everton braced for a second hearing

The Toffees have a clear idea of how many points they will likely be docked as they have breached the financial threshold for losses yet again.

If they receive a deduction of four to six points, it could have a massive impact on the relegation battle. Forest are currently in 18th position, with Luton Town just above them.

Everton could be in and around the relegation zone, depending on results in their next few games. Sean Dyche’s side has been horrendous in the Premier League this year, failing to win a single game.

The Toffees must get some wins on the board so that they can steer clear of relegation even if they lose three to four points.

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