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‘He’d energise the place’ – Jose Mourinho would be ‘perfect’ for Newcastle

Numerous pundits have suggested that Eddie Howe could be sacked if Newcastle United fail to stay in the top half of the Premier League this season.

The Magpies have struggled horribly with injuries but that won’t be an acceptable excuse.

After bowing out of the FA Cup against Manchester City, it felt like the players were running empty and Howe was devoid of ideas.

Newcastle have always maintained they believe Howe is the right man for the club, but the results in the remaining few games could determine his future.

Broadcaster Richard Keys says he is unconvinced by Howe. He thinks Jose Mourinho could energise Newcastle and attract top players from around the world.

Richard Keys suggests Newcastle should appoint Jose Mourinho

Keys wrote: “I really don’t think Howe can take them to the next level. His team reflect his personality. They’re ‘nice’. And nice doesn’t win at the very top.

“You need some devil. City can be easy on the eye, but they’ve got devil. All the best teams have.

“My answer? Jose Mourinho. Few people know more about winning than he does. He’s done it everywhere he’s been – including ‘half a trophy’, as he puts it, at Spurs. What madness that was – sacking him in the week of a final.

“I know there’s a view that Mourinho is finished. That the game has moved on. The game will never move on from winning. There are no guarantees in football – except that Mourinho will win you a trophy.

“He would be perfect in the north wast. He’d energise the place again. Set it alight. Eddie Howe is a good man, but everyone has fallen asleep on his watch.”

There’s no doubt that Mourinho is a charismatic manager who has won trophies everywhere he went except Tottenham Hotspur.

He has claimed league titles in England, Portugal and Spain and twice won the Champions League. The 61-year-old is currently out of work after being sacked by AS Roma.

Mourinho could win trophies at St James’ Park, but people have questioned his antediluvian style of football.

Newcastle have signed some of the world’s top talents, and there’s no reason to believe they can’t continue doing that in the future.

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