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Court ruling and fan polls fuel European Super League relaunch bid for 2025

Court ruling and fan polls fuel European Super League relaunch bid for 2025

Undeterred by its initial failure in 2021, European Super League (ESL) promoters are reigniting talks with clubs and pushing for a 2025 launch, The Mirror reports.

Previous plans hinged on Premier League teams being a core part of the new arrangements, but the ESL backers are determined to forge ahead with or without English clubs.

Fueled by a recent court ruling that declared UEFA and FIFA’s blockade of the ESL ‘unlawful’, discussions between Premier League teams and A22 Sports Management, the driving force behind the ESL, have been rekindled. 

Spanish courts, poised to endorse a recommendation from the European Court of Justice, could create a legal path for a club-controlled competition independent of traditional governing bodies.

However, the road remains bumpy. The European Clubs Association, which represents more than 200 clubs and is led by Paris Saint-Germain chief Nasser Al-Khelaifi, is vehemently opposed to the idea. 

The prospect of an independent regulator in English football could also prove a barrier for Premier League sides.

Nevertheless, A22 is actively engaging clubs outside Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues, with over a dozen clubs reportedly interested. The proposed league envisions 64 teams across three divisions with a parallel women’s competition.

ESL proponents are further emboldened by recent polls indicating a potential shift in sentiment. A reported 65% of English fans surveyed expressed support for the ESL concept

To further entice fans, A22 plans to offer all games for free via a streaming service named Unify, with additional paid tiers for hardcore supporters.

Despite the lingering obstacles, the ESL’s determination is clear. 

They hope to have a rival to the Champions League in place for the 2025/26 campaign, and discussions with English teams behind the scenes have been described as ‘open-minded’.

They believe a new, club-controlled competition offers an alluring proposition that will ultimately win over sceptics and usher in a new era for European football. 

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