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European Championships

Experience Euro 2024 in Berlin: Your Essential Guide to Football Fever!

Get ready for an unparalleled football spectacle as the 2024 European Championships take over Berlin, Germany’s vibrant capital, this summer!

As one of the host cities for this prestigious tournament, Berlin is gearing up to welcome fans from all corners of Europe for an electrifying celebration of the beautiful game.

Whether you snagged tickets to the matches or simply want to soak up the electric atmosphere at public football screenings, we’ve got you covered with some top-notch tips to make your Euro 2024 experience in Berlin absolutely smashing!

Regardless of whether you’re a devoted football aficionado or a casual observer, this guide is your key to unlocking an unforgettable Euro 2024 experience in Berlin.

Curated by local tour guide Matti from, here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your time in this dynamic city during the Euros.

The Fan Mile: A Hub of Football Excitement

Berlin’s Fan Mile stands as the pulsating heart of football fervour during the European Championships. Spanning the entire Straße des 17. Juni (it’s a long one!) between the majestic Victory Column and the historic Brandenburg Gate in the Tiergarten district, it’s the largest Fan Mile in Germany.

During the Euros, the Brandenburg Gate will be transformed into the “world’s largest football goal,” with a colossal screen set up for fans to catch all the action.

Adding to the excitement, a stretch of green turf will be rolled out along the Straße des 17. Juni, creating a lively pop-up park where football enthusiasts can gather to watch the matches and soak in the festive atmosphere.

All matches will be broadcast live at this vibrant venue, ensuring an immersive experience for fans of the game.

The Olympic Stadium: Home to Thrilling Matches

The iconic Olympic Stadium in Berlin is poised to host several exhilarating matches. Steeped in history and sporting significance, this renowned venue in the west of Berlin will set the stage for intense football showdowns as teams vie for glory.

As the tournament progresses, the Olympic Stadium will reach its pinnacle as it hosts the final match, crowning the champions of European football.

Accessible via the city’s S-Bahn and U-Bahn networks, getting to the stadium is a breeze, ensuring that fans can easily cheer on their favourite teams in person. 

Where to Stay: Ideal Accommodations for Euro 2024

For those attending matches at the Olympic Stadium, staying near Zoo Station in West Berlin is highly recommended. Direct trains from this area to the stadium offer convenient access, with a travel time of just 15 minutes.

Alternatively, if you plan to immerse yourself in the excitement of the Fan Mile in Mitte, central Berlin, accommodations in that area are ideal.

Do not stay directly by the stadium, as you’ll find very little food and nightlife around there. Instead, look for hotels in the districts of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg. 

Top Football Bars in Berlin

When it comes to catching the games beyond the stadium and Fan Mile, Berlin boasts a vibrant array of football bars where fans can gather to cheer on their teams:

FC Magnet Bar: Equipped with multiple screens and outdoor areas, FC Magnet Bar offers a lively atmosphere for watching various events simultaneously. With foosball tables and a karaoke setup, there’s entertainment for everyone to enjoy. 

Tante Käthe: Situated near Mauerpark, Tante Käthe is renowned for its five screens broadcasting games from major tournaments. Guests can also test their skills on the venue’s foosball tables while soaking up the energetic ambience. 

Sportsbar Tor 133: Located in Mitte, Sportsbar Tor 133 is dedicated to football and other sports, featuring tournaments broadcasted on plasma screens and a large projection screen for an immersive viewing experience.

These football bars provide the perfect blend of camaraderie and excitement, offering fans an unforgettable atmosphere to enjoy the Euro 2024 matches together.

Where Berliners Watch the Games: Beer Gardens!

When it comes to watching the games during Euro 2024, Berliners know that beer gardens offer the perfect blend of football excitement and laid-back vibes. Here’s where you’ll find them cheering on their favourite teams:

  1. Prater (Prenzlauer Berg): This iconic beer garden is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. With its charming outdoor setting and ample seating, Prater is an ideal spot to catch the Euro 2024 action while enjoying a refreshing pint.
  2. Zenner (Treptow): Situated along the banks of the Spree River, Zenner offers stunning views and a relaxed atmosphere. Grab a seat outdoors and watch the matches unfold on the big screens while soaking in the riverside ambiance.
  3. Cafe am Neuen See (Tiergarten): Tucked away in Berlin’s picturesque Tiergarten park, Cafe am Neuen See is a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city. With its lakeside location and lush surroundings, it’s the perfect place to unwind and watch the games during the Euros.
  4. Schleusenkrug (Tiergarten): Another gem nestled in Tiergarten Park, Schleusenkrug offers a cosy beer garden atmosphere with plenty of greenery. Whether you’re lounging at a table or relaxing on the grass, you’ll have a great view of the matches on the screens.
  5. Golgatha (Kreuzberg): Located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Golgatha is a popular beer garden known for its lively atmosphere and diverse crowd. Join fellow football fans on the spacious outdoor terrace and cheer on your team while enjoying a cold beer.
  6. Pfefferberg (Prenzlauer Berg): Set in a historic brewery complex, Pfefferberg boasts a charming beer garden surrounded by old brick buildings. With its rustic charm and relaxed vibe, it’s a fantastic spot to watch the Euro 2024 matches unfold.
  7. BRLO Brewhouse (Kreuzberg): Situated in the vibrant Gleisdreieck Park, BRLO Brewhouse offers a modern beer garden experience with a focus on craft beer. Grab a seat on the spacious outdoor terrace and sample their delicious brews while catching the football action on the screens.

These beer gardens, along with many others across the city, provide the perfect setting to enjoy Euros with friends, family, and fellow football fans. So grab a drink, find a spot, and get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of the tournament!

Just note that due to their popularity, it’s advisable to arrive early, especially for matches involving the German team, to secure a seat and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the city

Immerse yourself in Berlin’s rich football culture by visiting iconic sights and landmarks:

Olympic Stadium: Delve into history at the Olympic Stadium, which has hosted numerous football matches, including the 2006 FIFA World Cup final.

Guided tours offer insights into its storied past and impressive architecture. It’s Hertha BSC’s home stadium and was built for the 1936 Olympic Games (Yep – the Games with Jesse Owens and Hitler).

Alte Försterei: Visit the home stadium of Union Berlin, known for its passionate fan base and unique atmosphere, and explore the charming district of Köpenick. 

Tempelhof Park: Once an airport, Tempelhof Park now offers a vast green space for outdoor activities, perfect for enjoying a leisurely stroll or engaging in sports. 

Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag: Explore these iconic landmarks in the heart of Berlin, which serve as focal points for celebrations and gatherings during major football events.

Sport Museum Berlin: Dive into Berlin’s sporting history at this museum, located within the Olympic Park complex, featuring exhibits highlighting the city’s sporting achievements. 

Make the Most of Your Visit with a Private Tour!

With Berlin buzzing during the Euros, booking a private tour offers a personalized way to explore the city’s treasures.

Avoid the crowds and tailor your experience to your interests and preferences with the expertise of a local guide like Matti from Ensure availability by booking your tour in advance and embark on a journey to discover Berlin with an insider’s perspective.

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