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La Liga boss: Real Madrid to blame for European Super League, not Barcelona

La Liga president Javier Tebas is one of the most opinionated figures in football and never minces his words.

Tebas has taken on FIFA, Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and more. But he is now gunning at a former enemy that has reared its head after months of being put down – the European Super League (ESL).

The ESL is a hot topic again in football circles after a ruling by the European Court of Justice declared UEFA and FIFA’s bans on breakaway competitions as unlawful

Tebas has been a very vocal opponent of the ESL, and when asked about the return of the idea, he wasted no time pointing out the flaws with the proposal and the people behind the notion.

“Some people think European football should be governed based on the assets you have – the richer you are, the more influence you should have,” Tebas said (via The Athletic).

“This is the same idea that led to the creation of the G14 (a group of leading clubs) in 1998, led by (Real Madrid president) Florentino Perez, who never tires of this idea. 

“Every few years, Florentino disguises his ideas in new clothes to try to convince people that the richest clubs, especially his own, should dominate European football.

“Real Madrid are the ones leading this. Perez has been the ideologue of the ESL since 2000. 

“However, I insist the ESL is not a competition format. It’s a concept where the rich, and specifically Florentino, dominate and direct European football, with everyone else becoming his vassals.”

Tebas explained that Perez believes he should control everything as Madrid are the biggest club in Spain and arguably the world, while Barcelona’s financial issues means they will grab any opportunity to bring in more income.

He painted a picture of Perez trying to model himself as a saviour of European football while looking to garner more power. 

The 61-year-old La Liga chief seems unfazed that the two biggest clubs in his league are driving the ESL, claiming he will focus on what 40 out of 42 clubs want.

Tebas remains a steadfast voice against the concept of the ESL, unwavering in his determination to champion the interests of the broader football community over the aspirations of a select elite.

He ended the interview with a gem of a quote, stating, “I can only say that it is more likely for me to play in the English Premier League than for the ESL to be launched.”

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