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Some ‘Big Six’ clubs are unhappy with the £6.7 billion TV deal

Three takeaways from new £6.7bn Premier League tv rights deal

Some ‘Big Six’ clubs are reportedly disappointed by the new Premier League television deal that was announced in December. 

The league agreed a new four-year contract worth £6.7 billion with Sky Sports and TNT Sports last month.

The deal represented a four percent increase on the previous deal but the value is lower when factoring in inflation.

Some top-flight clubs have delayed voting on a settlement that would see more money given to the English Football League, per the Times

They are reportedly unhappy that ‘the big stream platforms like Apple and Amazon hadn’t been persuaded to come in with a bid’.

Meanwhile, other clubs don’t want a vote on the EFL financial settlement until it is agreed how much each will have to contribute. 

Premier League and EFL chiefs are set to be questioned by the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) committee next week regarding the progress towards an agreement over television revenue. 

The leagues have been engaged in talks over the funding package for the EFL and its clubs as well as financial controls, calendar changes and work permits. 

Premier League clubs are divided over what the funding package to the EFL should be, and also how much each will have to contribute. 

League officials have proposed a deal worth an extra £915 million over six years to the 72 EFL clubs, apart from the parachute payments to relegated clubs and a transfer levy for supporting the academies.

However, top-flight clubs have delayed a vote on their proposal.

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