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Football agents planning to sue FIFA after they missed out on huge commissions due to new regulations

Football agents are reportedly planning to sue FIFA for missing out on huge commission fees after the bungled implementation of salary cap regulations. 

The world governing body announced new rules last January that would limit the agents’ commissions to just three percent of player salaries. 

The changes would also force the agents to make all their fees public and prevent them from representing a club and player in the same transaction. 

The new regulations were set to come into play in October, but they were postponed after a private arbitration hearing in London in September. 

FIFA suspended the worldwide introduction of the new rules in a surprising decision on Saturday, just 36 hours before the opening of the European transfer window. 

It is said that the implementation of the regulations will be postponed until the final decision from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after an injunction was issued in Germany against the introduction of a few rule changes.  

Despite the delay in the implementation, football agents plan to sue FIFA for missing out on considerable sums in commissions, according to the Daily Mail

Some agents operated with reduced commissions for most of last year to comply with the new rules. Several others claim to have lost their clients due to the uncertainty surrounding the new regulations. 

FIFA are insisting they still plan to introduce the changes and have simply postponed them to maintain the integrity of the global transfer system. 

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