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Celtic & Rangers top list of most expensive Champions League away days

A recent study by Football Supporters Europe (FSE) revealed that Celtic and Rangers were the most expensive clubs for away supporters during last season’s Champions League campaign.

The study shows that the average prices for fans visiting Celtic Park and Ibrox hovered just below UEFA’s price cap of €70 (£61) for away tickets in Europe’s premier competition. 

Celtic led the list with an average ticket price of €69.45, closely followed by Rangers at €68.85. Both clubs charged the maximum away ticket price of €70 multiple times during the season.

FSE highlighted that the cost of away tickets in the Champions League and UEFA’s other club competitions remains ‘stubbornly high’, with more than 18% of Champions League matches last season selling away tickets at the price cap. 

The average away ticket price for the 2022/23 season was €47 (£41).

Interestingly, despite charging the maximum away ticket price on six occasions, European champions Manchester City ranked as the eighth-cheapest club to visit in the Champions League, with an average away ticket price slightly exceeding €40 (£35).

The study also revealed significant variation between countries, with away ticket prices in Germany more than €20 cheaper than the competition average. 

Germany attributed this reduction to standing sectors, with some tickets priced as low as €15 (£13). 

By contrast, Spain saw the highest number of games charged at the top of the away price cap, with 16 occurrences, followed by 10 in Italy and nine in England.

FSE executive director Ronan Evain emphasised the responsibility of clubs to reward the loyalty of travelling fans and facilitate affordable pricing. 

The €70 price cap for the Champions League was introduced by UEFA in 2019 to address exorbitant ticket prices that reached as high as €119 (£103) during the 2018/19 season.

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