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Morning Mix: Everton fan protests are justified – the punishment doesn’t fit the crime

It’s the Friday after the international break which means it is time for the return of ‘Morning Mix’ – our weekly football column with a bit of music thrown in for good measure.

We look at a major talking point for the weekend ahead and point you in the direction of some of the best football stories elsewhere on the internet.

We also offer a top tune recommendation to get you in the mood for the weekend and what to watch out for over the coming days. Let’s get this party started!

Everton points deduction is disproportionate to the crime

Everton fans will protest this weekend against the Premier League’s decision to deduct ten points from their tally for breaking financial rules.

The independent commission which handed down the punishment claimed the move was designed to protect the ‘integrity’ of the competition.

However, their report contains numerous contradictions, most notably when they state that Everton’s rule-breaking was not deliberate.

The club narrowly crossed the threshold of the financial losses allowed and, by the commission’s own admission, did not do this on purpose.

On that basis, it is impossible to see how this punishment can be justified, particularly when considering what other clubs seemingly get away with.

This decision smacks of the Premier League being worried about an independent football regulator being appointed and wanting to show it can manage without one.

What it demonstrates is their lack of integrity and credibility by issuing a punishment that is completely disproportionate to the crime.

The week that was

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Today’s top tune

Regular readers of this column will know we are big fans of The Royston Club – we make no apologies for giving them another shout-out on a massive weekend for the band.

The Wrexham-based four-piece have garnered plenty of attention this year, with their debut album ‘Shaking Hips and Crashing Cars’ getting attention from mainstream media outlets.

They will showcase their talents at a homecoming gig at the William Aston Hall in Wrexham on Saturday – it promises to be an epic night.

What to watch this week

Manchester City vs Liverpool. There have been some cracking games in English football this season. Let’s hope this is another.

A final Morning Mix thought

Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt has spent the last few years positioning himself as the ‘voice of football fans’ with his outspoken views on social media.

He blew a massive hole in that self-created status by increasing ticket prices for his team’s home game against Wrexham last weekend, blaming increased policing costs for the decision.

Holt spat his dummy out when Wrexham justifiably retaliated by reducing prices for the reverse fixture between the two clubs next March.

He has doubled down like a two-year-old over the past week, defending his questionable actions on social media and other platforms.

In his attempt to get some cheap publicity at the expense of Wrexham’s owners and club management, Holt impacted a group he repeatedly claims to champion.

Holt can spout all the endless nonsense he wants – he ultimately hit the people he says football bosses don’t do enough to protect in the pocket – the fans.

He owes them a refund.

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