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Mayor of Liverpool urges Premier League to reconsider Everton points deduction

Mayor of Liverpool urges Premier League to reconsider Everton points deduction

The Mayor of Liverpool has addressed a letter to the Premier League strongly criticising the unprecedented 10-point deduction imposed on Everton.

Steve Rotheram described the punishment as ‘wholly disproportionate’ and expressed his commitment to support the club’s appeal against the historic punishment.

The Toffees received the penalty last week due to a breach of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, causing them to fall into the relegation zone.

They remain just two points away from safety and will back themselves to recover from the setback, but Rotheram has appealed to the Premier League to reevaluate their position on the matter.

His letter read (via The Guardian): “The sanction imposed is not only unprecedented but a wholly disproportionate one too. I do not believe that this punishment fits the crime.

“The decision to deduct ten points from Everton is disproportionately severe, especially considering the club’s willingness and proactivity in working in partnership with the Premier League to ensure all dealings were FFP compliant when it was clear they were close to breaching the rules.

“I completely support the club’s appeal and would urge you to take a more lenient approach and consider alternative forms of punishment that do not unfairly penalise the club’s players and supporters.

“As a founding member of both the Football League and Premier League, Everton are an important part of the fabric of English football. They deserve to be treated fairly, justly and with respect.”

What relegation would cost Everton?

In addition to facing the unprecedented threat of relegation from the top flight for the first time in their illustrious history, the possibility of being forced into administration is also looming over Everton.

Burnley, Leicester City and Leeds United are seeking retribution for Everton’s financial misconduct and have filed claims for compensation worth a staggering £300 million.

If these compensation claims prove successful, Everton would incur an additional nine-point deduction, virtually sealing their relegation fate.

Meeting a staggering compensation bill of £300m, with each of the three suing clubs demanding £100m, would pose an insurmountable financial burden for Everton.

The repercussions extend beyond the playing field, casting shadows over the construction of their new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, which is expected to be completed midway through the 2024/25 season at an estimated £500m.

The broader impact on the local economy is also palpable, as suppliers to the club may suffer financial setbacks, potentially resulting in job losses. 

The ripple effect of relegation and administration raises concerns about Everton’s future trajectory within the English football pyramid, as they could suffer relegation to League One.

Everton’s predicament threatens to set a hazardous precedent, casting a shadow over other clubs, especially in the context of Manchester City grappling with 115 breach charges.

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