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Barcelona looking for new investors to cover €40m deficit after Libero blow

Barcelona looking for new investors to cover €40m deficit after Libero blow

Barcelona are struggling to shake off their precarious financial dilemma after seeing their attempts to secure much-needed funding hit roadblocks.

According to Spanish news outlet Que T’hi Jugues, the Spanish giants are looking to pull yet another lever in a bid to ease their financial predicament.

The club’s initial strategy involved selling 49.5% of Barca Studios to Orpheus Media and Socios in a deal that raked in an eye-watering €200 million. 

While they received €40 million from the sale, the expected progress in payments hasn’t materialised, forcing Barca to sell an additional 29.5% to Libero and NIPA for €120m.

However, only €60m, which was due this year, has been received, while the remaining €40m owed by Libero – a German investment company – remains unpaid.

The delay from Libero’s end is reportedly facilitated by the fact that their stock value has plummeted to a concerning 25%. But the knock-on effect could have catastrophic consequences for Barca.

Reports suggest that the Libero-owned percentage may only be 9.8%, but the non-payment of the promised €40m raises concerns, forcing Barca to consider other options.

Barca are now operating under the assumption that Libero will not fulfil their financial commitments in 2023, and failure to secure the expected funds could hinder the club’s ability to register new signings in January.

In response to the financial setback, the Spanish champions are actively seeking a third set of investors to inject the much-needed €40m into the club. 

However, the urgency of their search and the necessity of obtaining the cash injection on a short timeline place the club in a challenging negotiating position.

Barca president Joan Laporta had initially approved these financial manoeuvres to provide the club with short-term investment opportunities and aid in squad rebuilding. 

While this approach led to a title last season, the repercussions are now evident as salary limit struggles will make it difficult for the club to sanction transfer activities in the new year.

Barca are hoping to retain their La Liga crown this season, with Xavi Hernandez’s side sitting third in the standings, four points behind Girona.

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