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Amazon Prime considers bid in latest Premier League TV rights auction

Amazon Prime considers bid in latest Premier League TV rights auction

Amazon Prime are exploring the possibility of entering the latest auction for live television rights to Premier League matches, the Telegraph reports.

The company currently invests approximately £90 million for 60 live matches across three seasons, a deal initially secured before the 2019/20 campaign.

Despite concerns over whether Amazon would participate in the upcoming auction, industry insiders suggest the streaming company is eyeing at least one of the five available packages.

Amazon’s initial foray into live TV rights was reportedly facilitated by a discounted deal extended by the Premier League six years ago, a move aimed at enticing the streaming service into the market. 

While doubts loomed over Amazon’s bid in the face of a £300m per year price tag for the cheapest of the five packages, they remain interested in the auction.

Encouraged by the prospect of a longer-term deal which offers increased certainty over production investments, Amazon are exploring the possibility of a bid that presents a four-year contract for the first time. 

The Premier League has offered a 12-month increase on the previous three-year cycle, with the new agreement set to take effect from 2025.

Sky Sports and TNT Sport have dominated top-tier coverage over the years, but Amazon’s potential emergence could change the landscape.

If Amazon decides to join the bidding, it is anticipated they will target the more affordable of the five new packages. 

Competition may arise from DAZN, with a reported focus on the expanded Amazon pack, which they consider more attainable than primetime Saturday and Sunday packages.

The fifth package is expected to include complete midweek rounds and Sunday matches featuring clubs involved in the Europa League

The Premier League seeks a significant increase from the existing deal worth £5 billion, and the upcoming auction could reshape the landscape of football broadcasting, as the number of matches available will increase from 200 to around 270. 

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