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Green Brigade send strong response after Celtic ban

Celtic ultra group, the Green Brigade, is at the centre of controversy after the club suspended their season tickets.

They cannot attend home and away matches, pending a comprehensive review of their conduct.

Individuals associated with the group, known for their vocal support and displays in the north curve of Parkhead, received direct notifications yesterday. 

The move comes in response to what Celtic describes as ‘unacceptable conduct’ on the part of some members of the Green Brigade.

The group issued a statement on social media platform X: “In recent weeks, Celtic supporters have proudly stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people, while the PLC board adopted a position closer to the far-right British Government, with similar attempts to censor and sanction Palestinian solidarity. 

“As the death toll in Gaza nears 10,000, including almost 4,000 children – the PLC board has shamed Celtic Football Club with their conduct.”

The Green Brigade believes that the sanctions imposed on them are directly related to their solidarity with Palestine, arguing that the sanctions, particularly collective bans, lack transparency and are devoid of due process and communication. 

They added: “While we expect any fair-minded person will see through the flimsy litany of allegations, there are some which we would like to address.”

The Green Brigade’s statement defends their passionate displays in support of various causes, including anti-fascism and Palestinian solidarity. 

They rejected allegations of ‘breaking in’ and ‘intimidating, threatening and abusive behaviour towards staff’ as defamatory.

Regarding allegations of ‘unsafe behaviour’ during a recent match at Hibernian, the group pointed fingers at Celtic officials for their involvement in what they consider a questionable security operation. 

They claim that the club’s authorities compromised supporter safety by erecting steel pens and encouraging pyrotechnic use.

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