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Jose Mourinho: ‘There is a double standard against me’

AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho has voiced his displeasure over his recent sending-off during the clash against AC Monza last weekend. 

Mourinho believes that he has been subjected to double standards by the league authorities, leaving him feeling like a targeted figure.

During the pre-match press conference ahead of Roma’s Europa League game against Slavia Prague, Mourinho didn’t mince his words.

Mourinho said (via Gianluca Di Marzio): “Double standards towards me? I think so. The reasons? I don’t know. If you ask me this question, it means that you think so too.”

He didn’t hesitate to point out that other Serie A coaches exhibit more intense behaviour from the sidelines but seem to escape the league’s scrutiny. 

“I’ve seen other coaches make the same gesture, and I’ve seen coaches do worse than me, but with me, it’s always the same story,” the Portuguese coach added.

The incident that led to Mourinho’s recent suspension involved him allegedly making a crying gesture towards the Monza bench, presumably directed at their manager, Raffaele Palladino. 

This led to his expulsion, and he will not be present on the Roma bench for their crucial clash against Inter Milan this weekend.

Mourinho has been handed multiple suspensions during his time in Italy.

He received a ten-day Serie A ban at the beginning of the campaign for comments he made about referee Daniele Chiffi towards the end of last season, interestingly following a clash with Monza. 

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager also received a €50,000 fine after reportedly calling Chiffi the worst manager he had experienced in his life. 

Following his side’s loss to Sevilla in the Europa League final, Mourinho’s comments about referee Anthony Taylor led to a four-match ban.

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