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Greek derby abandoned after firecracker injures player

The Greek Super League match on Sunday between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos was abandoned after a player was struck by a firework. 

The incident happened early in the second half when the scores were level at 1-1 and the Greens’ substitutes were out on the touchline to warm up. 

A firecracker was thrown from the crowd that struck Spanish left-back Juankar. The player fell to the floor injured before his teammates rushed to check on him. 

Juankar received treatment on the touchline before he was taken away in a medic’s buggy. 

Panathinaikos posted on social media platform X shortly after the incident: “A firecracker falls on the players of our team who are warming up. Juankar is on the ground injured. 

“Interruption in the match. Our team retires to the locker room.” 

The game was suspended for an hour with fans still inside the Karaiskakis Stadium. 

Olympiacos players stayed on the turf for around half an hour before they also walked towards their dressing room. 

Panathinaikos provided an update on social media, suggesting their players were unwilling to return to the pitch.

The game was eventually abandoned, with the decision relayed via a tannoy announcement at around 9:30 pm local time. 

Olympiacos and Panathinaikos share one of the biggest football rivalries, with the fans of the two clubs hating each other intensely.

A match between the two sides was also abandoned in 2019 after a group of fans attacked players in the dugout.

Police were forced to use tear gas outside the stadium to quell further disturbances.

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