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Jude Bellingham: Real Madrid’s rising star shines bright on and off the pitch

Jude Bellingham has made an indelible mark on and off the pitch since his move to Real Madrid for €133 million this summer, per The Athletic.

The 20-year-old has quickly become a fan favourite at the Santiago Bernabeu, outshining even some of his more established teammates.

Bellingham has bagged ten goals and three assists in his first ten games for Los Blancos, showcasing his immense talent and winning the hearts of Madrid fans. 

He’s not just a prolific goalscorer but a dynamic and multifaceted player who brings a complete skill set to the game.

Bellingham’s marketability has also skyrocketed since joining Madrid. 

He is firmly in the elite ranks of the most popular young footballers globally alongside teammate Vinicius Jr, Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe and Manchester City’s Erling Braut Haaland. 

His appeal isn’t limited to a single demographic. It spans across age groups and genders, making him a highly marketable athlete.

Adidas and Madrid were quick to capitalise on Bellingham’s arrival in Spain, promoting the slogan ‘Made in Birmingham – 100% Real’ to emphasise his roots and connection to the local community. 

Bellingham has seamlessly blended into Madrid’s culture and environment. His case has been wildly different from some previous British players who struggled to adapt.

In addition to his remarkable performance on the field, Bellingham’s social media presence and branding acumen have further contributed to his commercial success. 

He has been brilliant in managing his image and connecting with fans, teammates and even other athletes, such as tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz. 

His growth on Instagram, now boasting 18.7 million followers, underscores his increasing global appeal.

The sale of ‘Bellingham 5’ jerseys contributes to his commercial value but doesn’t cover a substantial portion of his transfer fee or wages. 

However, it significantly elevates the visibility of Madrid’s brand worldwide. The club’s 50/50 arrangement on players’ personal image rights deals further underscores their focus on elevating the value of their players through their shared history with adidas.

Bellingham’s commercial potential is just beginning to unfold, with contract renewal talks already on the horizon. 

His status as one of the sport’s emerging stars, combined with Madrid’s global reach, sets the stage for a prosperous future for both player and club.

Bellingham is following in the footsteps of previous British signings in Madrid, but he has the potential to surpass them all. 

As one source noted to The Athletic, ‘Bellingham is not just an English player; he is Bellingham’. 

His impact transcends nationality and has the potential to make him one of the heirs to the footballing throne in the post-Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo era.

Bellingham’s journey is one of success and adaptability, and if he continues to perform at this level, his fame and value will only continue to rise.

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