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Football agents in the UK stall FIFA’s salary cap regulations

Leading British football agents have temporarily delayed the implementation of new FIFA regulations that would limit their commission to a mere 3% of player salaries, according to the Daily Mail.

These FIFA regulations were to come into effect this weekend but have been postponed following a private arbitration hearing held in London last week.

Four of the United Kingdom’s most prominent agencies – CAA Base, Wasserman, Stellar and ARETE – initiated legal proceedings this summer to prevent the Football Association (FA) from enforcing FIFA’s commission changes. 

All parties received notification this morning that the arbitration tribunal will announce its verdict no later than November 30. 

Until the verdict is delivered, the new FIFA regulations will remain on hold.

The agents are arguing against the commission limits, contending that these constraints will not curb costs but may instead prompt clubs to seek alternative methods of compensating agents to secure top talent. 

FIFA’s new rules also restrict agent fees for brokering transfers, capping them at 10% of the total transfer fee.

It was initially suggested players should cover the cost of agent fees from their earnings as a means of reducing overall expenses, but this proposal was ultimately abandoned. 

The existing practice involves clubs disbursing agent fees on top of a player’s salary and bonuses.

To put the financial scale into perspective, Premier League clubs paid £318.2 million to agents over the 12 months ending in March. 

Championship clubs collectively spent £36.3m on agent fees during the same period, as reported by the FA, which functions as a central clearing house for such payments.

The outcome of the impending tribunal decision promises to have far-reaching implications, influencing how agents and clubs conduct business. 

The British football industry will remain in suspense as it awaits the tribunal’s verdict on the contentious issue of agent commissions.

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