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Aston Villa players unhappy over wet-look shirts

Aston Villa players have voiced their dissatisfaction with the club’s new wet-look shirts, per the Telegraph.

The players claim that the garments are causing discomfort and affecting their performance on the pitch.

The club is reportedly aware of the issue and is collaborating with sports manufacturer Castore to address the problem. 

This marks a crucial moment in Villa’s multi-year deal with Castore, which began only two years ago.

The primary concern revolves around the claret home kits which quickly soak up moisture, resulting in a much darker appearance during games. Players have noted similar issues with the white away kits. 

Complaints from the squad suggest that the shirts cling to their bodies, making them feel heavy and uncomfortable.

One insider close to a Villa player emphasised the urgency of the situation, saying: “The players are having to play in soaking wet t-shirts, and it is a problem that needs to be solved. 

“It cannot go on all season. The players look like they’ve jumped in a swimming pool after about 10 minutes.”

Villa have made an encouraging start to the season, winning four of their first six Premier League matches, including their last outing against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

However, addressing the player’s concerns remains a priority for club management.

Fortunately for Villa fans, the issue will not affect the replica shirts sold to the public, sparing the club from having to recall kits or provide replacements. 

A solution may involve Castore producing a new batch of shirts designed to absorb sweat more effectively and remain lightweight.

Castore has partnerships with several prominent clubs, including Wolverhampton Wanderers, Rangers, Sevilla and Bayer Leverkusen.

They need to act swiftly to ensure their partnership with Villa remains solid.

In other news, Villa has announced they will launch a new crest for the second consecutive year. 

The decision comes after the current round badge featured on this season’s shirts failed to make the desired impact. 

The club will seek the supporter’s input in selecting a permanent new crest in anticipation of the club’s 150th anniversary next year.

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