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Football Manager 25: Pioneering the future of the football simulation franchise

Football Manager 25: Pioneering the Future of Football Simulation

Sports Interactive (SI) studio director Miles Jacobsen has released yet another exciting update on Football Manager (FM), offering a glimpse into the future and direction of the iconic franchise.

The highly anticipated release of FM 24 is slated for November, aligning with the usual schedule of the video game producers.

However, SI has left fans of the popular simulation series looking further beyond the next instalment to FM 25, touting it as the ‘biggest change’ in the franchise’s history.

Statistics have revealed that the recently released FM 23 amassed an outstanding five million players, making it the most-played instalment in FM history.

The upcoming FM 24 has been described as ‘the last of its kind’ and will feature several exciting updates, including the ability to transfer saved games from one version of FM to the next.

SI asserts that FM 24 will be the most complete iteration of the game to date, but the real transformation is reserved for FM 25, which is reportedly poised to redefine the future of the football simulation game.

Some of the envigorating updates promised by the franchise developers for FM 25 include new animation technology, the long-anticipated integration of women’s football, and a revamped match engine.

SI are set to push their boundaries even further with FM 25, offering a more immersive, realistic and captivating experience that mirrors the dynamic world of real football.

They have also revealed the introduction of a new game engine in FM 25, which will be powered by Unity, whose cutting-edge technology not only promises improved graphics but also provides powerful user interface tools.

Unity also offers players a ‘significantly better-looking matchday experience’ and a vastly improved technology for newgens and manager creation.

The first part of their advanced animation technology is expected to debut in FM 24, laying the foundation for the bulk of improvements to be introduced in FM 25.

FM 25 represents more than just a game – it’s a gateway to the football world, offering unprecedented realism and a ‘true-to-life’ experience for managers. 

This edition is poised to usher in a new era for the franchise, raising the bar for football management simulation to unprecedented heights and leaving fans with plenty to be excited about.

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