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FIFA to push for 15-year ban for RFEF president Luis Rubiales

FIFA is ramping up efforts to impose a 15-year ban on the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, per the Daily Mail.

The RFEF withdrawn its support for Rubiales, urging him to step down amid growing turmoil.

The RFEF chiefs delivered a severe blow to the 46-year-old, demanding his immediate resignation due to his ‘unacceptable’ behaviour they claim has caused ‘grave harm to the image of Spanish football’. 

This shock reversal follows a stern warning from FIFA, threatening to ban Spain’s national teams and clubs from international competitions if the RFEF did not cooperate in disciplining Rubiales.

Insiders familiar with the disciplinary process have revealed that FIFA is pushing for the maximum penalty allowed by their statutes – a 15-year ban on Rubiales. 

Rubiales was already handed a 90-day interim suspension by FIFA last week, pending an investigation into his actions, which included an incident where he kissed Jennifer Hermoso after Spain’s World Cup victory over England.

His final action before his suspension involved instructing the RFEF to write to UEFA, complaining of government interference and seeking a ban for the federation. 

However, UEFA dismissed the request. They considered it invalid due to the change in leadership after Rubiales’ suspension.

FIFA’s disciplinary committee took eyewitness statements and declared Rubiales’ suspension ‘from all football-related activities at national and international level’. 

This impending ban could have far-reaching consequences, as any non-acceptance of the ban by the RFEF would also lead to the suspension of Spanish national teams and clubs in FIFA-affiliated competitions.

This potential ban would deal a severe blow to UEFA, impacting Spain’s participation in prestigious tournaments such as the men’s Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League. 

Spain’s prowess extends to the women’s game, with Barcelona the reigning Champions League holders.

Amid the turmoil, it has come to light that Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, is on hunger strike in a church near Malaga. Bejar is protesting the accusations against her son. 

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