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Spanish football federation’s leadership in turmoil after Rubiales scandal

Secretary General of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Andreu Camps, has blasted the country’s government to UEFA.

This move could jeopardise Spanish teams’ participation in European competitions and the national squad’s place at the 2024 European Championship. 

Onda Cero revealed that the Luis Rubiales faction within RFEF has implored UEFA to step into the fray to defend the RFEF president and vice president, who claim to be under siege by the Spanish government’s actions against them.

The past week has thrust the Spanish football federation into a global maelstrom. The situation was sparked by a scandalous incident after the Women’s World Cup final in Australia

RFEF president Rubiales’ actions while sharing an executive box with Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofia ignited a firestorm. 

Rubiales made a crotch-grabbing gesture in view of a live audience. He followed his actions by planting a kiss on Jennifer Hermoso’s lips during World Cup celebrations.

The incident sent shockwaves throughout the football community, and the Spanish government intervened. They have started the process to suspend Rubiales after he refused to step down.

However, the RFEF has shifted the spotlight to the Spanish government, with fingers pointed squarely at members who publicly clamour for drastic measures – resignations and disqualifications – against Rubiales. 

Notable figures such as Deputy Prime Minister of Spain Yolanda Diaz, Sports Minister Miquel Iceta, and President of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) Victor Francos have joined the chorus of dissent against Rubiales, despite their historical alignment with him in other contexts.

UEFA’s hesitation to weigh in on the matter has caught many people by surprise, particularly given the storm the row has created.

The football world is waiting with collective breath as the Spanish teams’ prospects in European contests and the national team’s aspirations for the 2024 European Championship are up in the air.

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