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Man Utd to delay Mason Greenwood decision until after September international break

Manchester United have delayed their decision on the future of Mason Greenwood, according to The Athletic.

The eagerly awaited announcement may be postponed until after the September international break.

The 21-year-old has been under intense scrutiny since February 2022 following allegations that resulted in an internal investigation by the club. 

The allegations, which included charges of attempted rape, assault and coercive control, were dismissed by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) due to insufficient evidence. 

The CPS determined that without the support of key witnesses, a conviction was no longer a realistic possibility.

Greenwood firmly denied all accusations, but United are yet to welcome him back into the fold.

They initially intended to decide his status before the start of the Premier League season. 

However, the club’s stance has now shifted, with a desire to share the outcomes of their internal investigation with other crucial stakeholders.

These include United’s women’s team and the fan advisory board, which has prompted a change in the timeline.

The initiation of discussions with the women’s team may indicate that the internal investigation is leaning towards permitting Greenwood’s return. 

However, the club’s women’s team’s potential opposition could hold significant sway, potentially spelling the end of Greenwood’s association with the club.

Female fans have already vehemently expressed their displeasure with the prospect of Greenwood’s return.

There are plans to stage a protest ahead of United’s first game of the new season against Wolverhampton Wanderers today. 

This palpable discontent underscores the delicate balance the club must strike between player rehabilitation, fan sentiments and maintaining the image and integrity of the team.

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