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England Men and Women National Football Teams Kits

The Three Lions and Lionesses kits are among the most popular among football fans, especially during international tournaments. Both men’s and women’s kits are made by Nike, that always keen on providing exciting stuff to wear.

England Men’s National Team Home and Away Kits

The Three Lions have always been one of the national teams that football fans are keen on supporting at every international tournament. England’s national team’s fame also triggered the affection for their kits made by Nike.

Unlike club football, national teams’ jersey usually gets updated just before every international tournament, including for Gareth Southgate’s side.

England’s national team’s latest kit was released back on September 2022 as they were gearing up for the Qatar World Cup that year.

Although the tournament already ended, the Three Lions will continue to use their current kit at international fixtures. Nike will probably unleash new home and away kits for England next year ahead of the Euro 2024 in Germany.

England Men’s National Team Home Kit

Check out the Three Lions’ Home Jersey by Nike

England’s home kit made by Nike was officially released on September 21, 2022, a couple of months before the World Cup started.

The kit still features the Three Lions classic white colour but there’s a modern touch with an additional combination of sky blue and navy for logos and other details. England’s home jersey also added an interesting design of a gradient that goes from dark to light blue on the shoulder area.

Gareth Southgate’s team will continue to wear their current kit during their Euro 2024 qualifiers, international friendlies or other games until Nike hand them new jerseys next year.  

England Men’s National Team Away Kit

Check out the Three Lions’ Away Jersey from Nike

Southgate’s squad’s away kit was also unveiled on the same date as the home kit on September 21 last year.

England’s away jersey is predominantly in red with slight addition of navy and light blue for the logos and other details. Unfortunately, fans didn’t get to see the red kit in action during the 2022 World Cup as Southgate’s men were only playing with their home kit throughout the tournament.

Nevertheless, the Three Lions’ away jersey already got its on-the-pith debut back on September 27 during UEFA Nations League match against Germany.

The men’s national team’s home and away kits are still available for purchase at the footballing nation’s official online store, both retailing at £49.95.

England Women’s National Team Home and Away Kits

The Lionesses also have their new home and away jerseys released earlier this year ahead of their participation in the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

England women’s national team kits are also made by Nike, but they do create a different design in comparison to the men’s 2022 jerseys.

The home kit has a similar basic white colour but for the away kit, the Lionesses are wearing an uncommon blue-dominant shirt instead.

England Women’s National Team Home Kit

Check out the Lionesses’ Home Jersey by Nike

The women’s national team’s home kit made by Nike was officially released on April 3, 2023, a few months before the World Cup started.

The kit still features England’s classic white colour as it takes inspiration from the original chalky white exterior of Wembley back in 1923.

In terms of design, the 2023 home jersey also pays homage to the 1984 England Women’s National team combining white as its base with blue for the details.

England Women’s National Team Away Kit

Check out the Lionesses’ Away Jersey from Nike

The women’s team away kit decided to move away from England’s usual red colour and went for an uncommon blue colourway instead.

England’s women’s away jersey is predominantly in light blue with a slight addition of dark blue along with white for logos and details. The kit also added a geometric pattern on the front creating an engaging look.  

The new kits are giving the Lionesses a positive vibe so far as they are still competing at the 2023 World Cup. England women’s squad will be battling against Colombia in the quarter-final round on Saturday, August 12.

The women’s national team home and away kits are available for purchase at England football’s official website and Nike stores, both retailing at £101.00 for the authentic version while the replica one cost £83.00.

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