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Arsenal 2023-24 Home, Away and Third Kits

The Gunners 2023-24 home and away kits have been officially released by the club, while the third kit is yet to have its release date. The North London outfit and Adidas have prepared some interesting designs for the new kits to prepare for the new season.

The home kit gives a special tribute to the Gunners’ 2003-04 Invincible squad, which saw them snatch the league title unbeaten under Arsene Wenger. Mikel Arteta’s side and Adidas are adding some modern touch to make the new kit appealing for the younger generation fans.

As for the away jersey, Adidas and Arsenal opted to create a very unique design, combining yellow, blue, and black in an eye-catching pattern. The new away kit is an attempt to embrace the club’s Islington roots as the design is inspired by the map of the district.

Meanwhile, the third kit looks to be a pretty unique one as rumours suggested that it will be a combination of dark green and navy. It is reportedly a design inspired by the Gunners 1982-83 away jersey which also boasts the green and navy-blue combination.

Arsenal 2023-24 Home Kit

Check out The Gunners’ 2023-2024 Jersey by Adidas

The North London outfit’s 2023-24 home kit made by Adidas was unveiled to the public on May 26 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their ‘Invincibles’ season. The new kit maintains its main red and white combination base. However, the club also added a special thunderbolt pattern on the front and backside.

Another important detail from Arsenal’s new home kit would be the re-appearance of the fans’ favourite, gold logo which is similar to the ones used on the 2005-06 Highbury home shirt. Mikel Arteta’s side already debuted their new home kit on their final game of last season against Wolverhampton Wanderers on May 28. They also wore the kit during their FA Community Shield’s penalty shoot-out victory against Manchester City this weekend (August 6).

The new jersey is available for purchase at the club’s official website and Adidas’ stores, retailing at £80.00.

Arsenal 2023-2024 Away Kit

Check out The Gunners 2023-24 Away Kit from Adidas

The Emirates-based club’s 2023-2024 away kit was released to the public on July 18 and had its’ on-the-pitch debut during their pre-season friendly against MLS All-Star on July 19. The new away jersey takes inspiration from Arsenal’s Islington roots.

The Gunners’ away jersey features a combination of yellow, black and an additional blue for the logos and finishes. Despite its eye-catching design, the new away kit has been getting a mixed reception from the fans.

The new kit is also available for purchase at Adidas stores and Arsenal’s official website with the retail price set at £80.00.

Arsenal 2023-24 Third Kit

Check out The Gunners’ 2023-24 Away Kit from Adidas

The North London club’s 2023-24 third kit is not officially released yet but there have been several leaked pictures of it surfacing online. According to the leaked images, the third kit will have an interesting combination of dark green and navy-blue colour, which is a homage to the club’s 1982-83 away jersey.

As for its design, rumours suggest that Arsenal’s 2023-24 third kit will only use the iconic canon as the logo instead of their usual club crest model. There is still no official release date yet for Liverpool’s third kit but it could already be unveiled later this month.

After their FA Community Shield win over Man City, Arsenal will gear up for their first official league match this season on Saturday, August 12 against Nottingham Forest. The Gunners will be hoping that they can grab more success in the 2023-24 season using their new home, away and third kits from Adidas.

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