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Man Utd defender Raphael Varane expresses concerns over FA’s new rule changes

Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has taken to social media to express his frustration and concern over new rules introduced for this season. 

Varane revealed that the Football Association (FA) met with players and managers last week, where they recommended several controversial changes that left Premier League stars feeling unheard.

His primary concern revolves around the excessive number of games and the overcrowded schedule.

The French defender quit international football earlier this year to focus on playing for United.

He emphasised that the current demands on players’ physical and mental health have reached unmanageable levels. 

The officiating changes in the English game this season have sparked numerous controversies. 

Referees, as seen in the Community Shield clash between Manchester City and Arsenal yesterday, will brandish yellow cards for petty offences, such as players kicking the ball away after a foul has been given.

Games will last longer as the exact time lost due to stoppages will be added at the end of matches to discourage time-wasting. 

This added time means games could potentially go beyond the traditional 90 minutes. The opening weekend of the Championship saw several matches exceed the 100-minute mark.

Many players and managers share Varane’s disapproval of these changes. They believe the thoughts of the people within the game are not being given due consideration. 

The former Real Madrid centre-back argued that players and managers want to protect the game they love and perform at their best to provide fans with the levels of excitement they deserve.

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