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Henderson move from Liverpool proves Saudi clubs have more money than sense

Jordan Henderson. He’s been a vocal ally of the LGBTQ community, an armband wearer and a supporter of causes.

He’s critical of countries that don’t embrace inclusivity and is a people’s champion. Or maybe he isn’t.

Putting aside the moral debates about Henderson’s move, let’s focus purely on the footballing aspect of his switch to the Middle East.

We’ll start with the £12 million fee and the monstrous contract he’s signed. Have these Saudi Arabian fellas not been paying attention?

Previously derided by former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson as a player who can’t run properly, Henderson has somehow forged a career as a professional.

Let’s be honest – he’s average at best. And given Henderson recently celebrated his 33rd birthday, he is not going to improve in the next few years.

He reportedly still wants to play for England despite moving to a bang-average league. Delusional doesn’t begin to describe this fella.

Having said that, Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate will probably still pick him. After all, they are two mediocre peas in a pod.

Al-Ettifaq will think they have pulled off a major coup by signing Henderson – a point highlighted by them handing him the number ten jersey.

Lionel Messi would be turning in his grave at this news if he was dead.

Let’s break down Henderson’s move from Liverpool into simple sound bites.

He’s an average footballer. He is 33 years old. He cost £12 million. He’ll be ‘earning’ anywhere between £350,000 to £700,000 depending on who you believe.

Laughable doesn’t begin to describe this nonsense.

The reality is that Henderson is the poster boy for the sea of mediocrity Saudi clubs have mostly signed this summer in their pursuit of ‘global recognition’.

You can have all the money in the world, but there is no guarantee it comes with common sense attached to it.

Henderson’s move to the Middle East proves that point to perfection.

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