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Cristiano Ronaldo

Saudi Pro League making €100m/year contracts the new normal

Saudi Arabia is shelling out massive contracts to bring some of the top players in the world to the Saudi Pro League. 

With Cristiano Ronaldo already joining Al Nassr and Karim Benzema signing with Al-Ittihad, it is clear that Saudi Arabia means business. 

They also have set their sights on Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante, who is reportedly on his way to join Al-Ittihad.

However, the Saudi League’s ambitions don’t stop there. They want to make moves for several European football stars, including Wilfried Zaha, David De Gea, Heung-min Son, Ilkay Gundogan and Hugo Lloris. 

These transfers would further solidify Saudi Arabia’s position as a crucial player in the global football market.

To put their spending into perspective, it’s important to note that the highest-ever contract in European football was Lionel Messi’s deal with Barcelona. He earned €75 million per year while at the Catalan club. 

However, the financial landscape has shifted dramatically in Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo reportedly earns an astonishing €200 million per year, while Benzema also commands the same amount. Kante’s potential contract would amount to €100 million annually.

Saudi Arabia offered Messi a staggering €400 million contract, but the Argentine superstar rejected it in favour of playing for Inter Miami.

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia is targeting free transfers. This move will likely have a significant impact on European football. 

More players may now choose to play out their contracts which will lead to increased competition for clubs seeking to secure their services.

As the Saudi League continues to lure some of the world’s most talented footballers with eye-watering contracts, the football landscape is experiencing a seismic shift. 

Their ambitious spending is likely to reverberate throughout Europe. It could change the dynamics of player transfers and club negotiations in the coming seasons.

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