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Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer responsive after collapsing in Championship play-off final against Coventry City

Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer collapsed to the turf during their highly-anticipated Championship play-off final against Coventry City today.

Concerned fans and players watched in dismay as medical staff rushed to his aid on the Wembley Stadium pitch.

The 28-year-old Wales international went off after only 12 minutes of the crucial match.

His parents anxiously went to the changing room to be by their son’s side, adding to the growing worry among supporters.

Cameras discreetly turned away from the distressing scene as Lockyer was carefully placed on a stretcher.

Luton manager Rob Edwards brought on Reece Burke to replace the fallen defender.

The football community held its breath, awaiting updates on Lockyer’s condition.

Luton have since provided reassuring news, confirming Lockyer is responding to treatment.

While specific details about his condition remain undisclosed, the positive response to treatment provides a sense of relief to everyone.

Collapses on the field are rare but alarming occurrences. They remind us of the physical demands and potential risks professional athletes face.

In these distressing moments, the swift actions of medical professionals and the support of teammates and family make all the difference.

The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of player welfare and the necessity for proper medical protocols in sports.

As the football community eagerly awaits further updates on Lockyer’s condition, the collective hope is that he swiftly recovers and receives the necessary care to return to the sport he loves.

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