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How much do Championship play-off winners earn?

This weekend’s Championship play-off final is an opportunity for either Luton Town or Coventry City to script their remarkable redemption story.

One of them can gloriously ascend into the Premier League.

Dubbed ‘the richest game in football’, the play-off final promises vast rewards to the victor, ushering them into the top flight.

Nine years ago, Luton Town languished in non-league football with shattered dreams.

However, their meteoric rise from despair has seen them triumph against adversaries with far more resources.

They are now one game away from welcoming heavyweight contenders such as Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United to Kenilworth Road.

In a parallel tale of endurance, Coventry City have endured a gruelling odyssey since their ejection from the top flight two decades ago. 

However, after returning to their cherished hometown stadium and recently casting off the burden of Sisu ownership, the Sky Blues are on the precipice of a remarkable five-year journey from League Two to the Premier League.

But how much will the winners earn after winning the promotion play-offs?

How much will the winners get for promotion to the Premier League?

Deloitte reports that the triumphant team could secure a staggering £135-265 million, depending on if they can avoid immediate relegation from the Premier League.

How much will they receive from Premier League TV money?

Official figures from the 2020/21 season showed broadcast revenue surpassed a mind-boggling £2.5 billion. This sum was distributed among the Premier League’s 20 clubs.

Each club enjoyed a guaranteed minimum of £31.4m through equal share payments.

They will also receive £47.5m from international broadcast rights and another £5.9m in central commercial payments.

This baseline injected roughly £84.8m into each team’s coffers, irrespective of their final position.

Astonishingly, even Norwich City, who languished at the bottom of the league, received over £101.5m last season.

In stark contrast, Championship clubs found themselves confined to a meagre £8m in TV rights income for an entire season in the second tier.

Are there other payments?

Within the Premier League, clubs reap merit payments according to their final standings.

Champions Manchester City will claim approximately £44m this season, while the last-placed team will take around £2.2m

The team narrowly evading relegation in 17th place will pocket roughly £8.8m.

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