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Premier League clubs furious over delays to Man City and Everton financial cases

Premier League clubs furious over delays to Man City and Everton financial cases

Premier League clubs are furious over the delays in investigating financial cases involving Manchester City and Everton, according to the Independent.

There have been question marks over the off-field operations of the champions who were charged with numerous breaches of financial rules in February.

Everton were also put under the spotlight with the Toffees recording losses of £371.8 million over the past three years when Premier League rules allow clubs to lose a maximum of £105m over three years.

Both clubs face severe punishments if those allegations are proven true, but the league is taking an extended period to investigate the breaches.

The English top flight has been repeatedly advised to establish an independent commission to speed up investigations into complex financial cases, but to no avail.

Their reluctance to indulge has only stirred up unrest from several clubs, who have been pressing the argument, but their complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Man City became the first club in English history to face charges of such severity, but still lifted the Premier League title when they were presented with the trophy on Sunday.

The Cityzens face over 100 charges relating to financial information regarding revenue, player and manager wages, and UEFA financial fair play regulations between 2013/14 to 2017/18.

They also include a breach of profitability and sustainability rules from the 2015-16 to 2017-18 campaign and cooperation with the investigations of the league’s governing body from December 2018 onwards.

Everton have also been referred to an independent commission for an alleged breach of Profit and Sustainability rules, with both clubs vehemently denying any wrongdoings.

However, the delay in the process has reportedly left several clubs furious while raising questions about the Premier League serving as an organiser, regulator, investigator and prosecutor.

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