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Fans criticise FIFA 2026 World Cup logo following unveiling in Los Angeles

The FIFA 2026 World Cup logo, for a tournament hosted by the United States, Mexico and Canada, has been unveiled at an event in Los Angeles.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino and Ronaldo Nazario de Lima were in attendance, along with many other respected football figures. 

However, the logo has come under fire for its simplicity and lack of creativity.

It features numbers two and six in white against a black background, with the World Cup trophy impaled on the design.

At first glance, there is nothing remarkable about it – therein lies the problem.

Many fans were quick to mock the logo, claiming that it lacked character and was overly simplistic. 

One fan even shared a video demonstrating how to replicate the design in under a minute. Numerous designers also took the opportunity to showcase their own logos.

Many people regarded the logos designed by freelancers as superior to the original.

One notable departure from previous World Cup logos is the inclusion of the trophy directly on the design. 

Additionally, they decided not to incorporate any colours associated with the host nations. 

Each of the 16 host cities will have its distinctive brand style and colour scheme. The final host city remains a secret, with Infantino mentioning Los Angeles as a crucial entry hub. 

FIFA are still open to proposals and offers from prospective host cities.

As the excitement builds for the 2026 World Cup, fans and critics hope the organisers will reconsider the logo and explore more creative options. 

The logo should represent the vibrancy and diversity of the tournament, capturing the essence of the host nations and evoking a sense of anticipation among football enthusiasts worldwide. 

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