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Football Manager 2024: Release Date, New Features, Demo & More on FM 24

The release date for Football Manager 2024 is still months away, but that will not stop people from speculating about the new game.

Developers Sports Interactive (SI) are continually pushing the boundaries of a series that has become an iconic part of the football landscape worldwide.

Read on as we take a closer look at FM 24 including details about the release date, leagues, rumours, new features and more.

FM 24 Launch & Release Date

Early November has become firmly established as the launch pad for each new edition of FM and this will likely be the case again in 2024.

FM 23 was released on Monday, November 7, and we anticipate the latest version of the game will be launched in the first or second week of November 2023.

The beta version is generally made available around two weeks before the official release date, allowing players to test the FM demo version in advance and for the FM team to make last-minute tweaks to improve balance in the gameplay.

FM 24 Teams & Leagues

SI continually strives to expand its licensing portfolio to ensure the FM series remains the most realistic management simulation on the market.

There were more than 120 playable leagues in the base game on FM 23, and we expect to see that number increase when the new game is launched.

The Women’s Champions League has already been confirmed as a future addition to the game, although it is unclear whether it will be included in FM 24.

There have been rumours about official FM licenses for La Liga and the Turkish Super Lig, but these are yet to be confirmed by SI.

FM 24 Features & Leaks

With players still immersed in FM23, speculation about new features and improvements in FM 24 are a little thin on the ground.

The latest edition delivered several upgraded features, including transfer system tweaks and a vastly improved matchday experience.

Further enhancements to the match engine is one of the early rumours doing the rounds in FM circles, particularly regarding player animations.

As mentioned earlier, women’s football could feature in FM 24, although SI studio director Miles Jacobson has confirmed they will not sign off on this until they can do it justice.

Gathering the necessary data is a laborious task that may result in SI delaying the addition of the women’s game for another year.

Many FM players have been calling for further improvements to the formation and tactical elements of the game, and SI may well deliver the goods this year.

There is a need for more flexibility in this area when teams are in and out of possession to mirror recent tactical developments in real-life football.

Team pressing is also likely to be tweaked to ensure that players are more synchronised with each other than is currently the case.

Set-piece coaches are a noteworthy omission from the current edition of the game, which places an additional and unwelcome burden on FM managers.

Improvements in team talks are also likely to be made, with FM 23 failing to deliver the desired results in this game element.

More involvement from the team captain would be welcome to ensure that the players and coaching staff remain on the same page.

Media controversy is another feature requiring a refresh, particularly regarding the relationship between the manager and individual journalists.

Players going ‘rogue’ with unauthorised interviews when they are unhappy about their current situation would add further authenticity to FM 24.

Social media will undoubtedly be awash with other rumours and leaks over the coming months as the release date for FM 24 moves ever closer.

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